Weekly Dose of Fat and Gallery – 2-7-14

Action at the Shell Track Fatbike Race on the shore of Lake Michigan last Saturday.

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Action at the Shell Track Fatbike Race on the shore of Lake Michigan last Saturday.
Action at the Shell Track Fatbike Race on the shore of Lake Michigan last Saturday.

Sooo…that week went flying by! As I write this the Iditasport is just about 5 hours from start time. You can follow the racers here.

CORBA is putting on the Powder Keg fatbike race over there in Eau Claire, WI on Saturday.

There is a Fatbike Race in conjunction with the North American Vasa up there in Traverse City MI on Saturday as well.

Down Tennessee way? Take the opportunity to ride the trails at the Tennessee Pass Nordic Center on Saturday night.

Midwest folks join your FB.c homies and check out the newly available and freshly groomed trails at Silver Lake Park near the WI/Il state line on Sunday. Our own Gomez was instrumental in making this happen!

We’ve got some cool interviews lined up for next week. Keep checking in!


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