Fat (video) Tuesday – Sugarbush

Things in the fat-bike video business must be pretty good up there in Canada’a Atlantic Maritime Provinces. Because frequent fat-bike video director, Shannon Burt, can now afford to hire two dogs to co-star along with his own bad self in this film from….no…. not Prince Edward Island…Shannon snuck across the bridge and shot this tree blood horror flick in New Bruswick. The sugar maple’s sap, or blood, as some might say, makes a delicious breakfast condiment for pancakes or for those of you with fancier tastes……WAFFLES! The tree blood of the sugar maple is boiled down into a concentrated syrup and then bottled. Who knew that a well milked tree farm would make a perfect fat-bike playground? I’ll tell you who…..Tree Vampires!….that’s who!

Are you from someplace other than, Canada’s East Coast?

Send me your hosted video and we’ll visit your neck of the woods, via the interwebz! I have a 650 year old gnome that reads all of my email and then interprets the important ones into modern dance routines. Send your email to and make that old gnome dance!


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