First Look – Bordo Big 120 Folding Lock


Abus, the German maker of high-quality bike locks, is pretty well known among my messenger buddies and commuter friends. How about an Abus lock specifically for fatbikes? Well, not really but the nickname “Fat Bordo” certainly fits this longer than normal Abus lock that is really called the Bordo Big and the extra length (120cm) over my Bordo Lite at 85cm makes fitting fatbike tires a bit easier.


This is a photo of my normal, go-to, Abus Combo Lite lock that is 85mm with the 120mm Big Bordo circled around it. More room for your fat.

Normally, when I lock my fatbike up it is more of a keep honest people honest type affair and I am never very far away from my ride so I typically just lock the top tube to the nearest parking meter or pole. It is pretty hard, and often too much of a hassle, to lock the frame/rear wheel because my go-to lock is a bit short. The Big Bordo makes it easy. In fact, with a little finagling you can even lock your front wheel in if you are leaving your prize in an area that could relieve you of your ride.


I’ve simply been tossing the Big Bordo in my Camelbak. Other mounting/carrying options include attaching the carrier to water bottle mounts, strapping the carrier onto your backpack or Camlebak strap or you can do it like my daughter who carries her Bordo strapped to the handlebar/stem of her fatbike.


In general I like this type of folding lock. It is hard to defeat and the Big Bordo’s extra size help make it “Fatbike Friendly”! In addition, there is a soft Silicone-type covering over the lock shackle  that seems to do a good job protecting the powder coat on my fatbike.

Specs from ABUS:

  • Designed for protection in areas with a Medium theft risk
  • Steel bars, with extra soft coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paint
  • Rattle free holder with Velcro or bottle cage mounting fits most bikes
  • Two keys are supplied with the lock
  • Length: 120cm (3.9ft or 47-inches)
  • Weight: ~1400g
  • List Price: $160.00

If you value your fat-bike get a good lock! If you want a lock that is very compact, if a bit hefty, look at the ABUS Bordo Big.

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    • I bought the shorter version and was told it would kill a power grinder. Hope to never test that theory.

  1. I like the compact design as it is more easily portable than other types of locks. Based on that, I would have this with me where otherwise I wouldn’t. However, my bike would be secure for seconds in Cambridge or Boston as the link pins can be sheared by bolt cutters quietly. the cutters of the bolt cutters act like cams separating the links and popping the heads more than cutting the pin. If the DPW wants to free up a parking meter they can make short work of the links with an angle grinder. However, parking my bike outside a suburban grocery store would be fine, whereas a train station I would take a 12 lbs hardened steel chain. in tandem with a smart GPS doodad now available that shows location and tampering and the will to cave a thief’s head in would make excellent deterrent.

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