Press Release – EcoSpeed/Fatback Electric Fat-bike Announced


EcoSpeed Inc, (Portland,OR) industry leader in the manufacture of electric motor assists for bikes and trikes announces collaboration with Fatback Bikes (Anchorage, AK) for a ‘Made in the USA’ mid-drive electric fatbike. EcoSpeed has adapted it’s unique electric motor assist, which drives the crankset, to fit this extra wide bike frame and components. The mid-drive system adds motor power to the rider’s efforts ahead of the gears, at the crankset, in order to leverage the gears of the bike. This system boasts a 50 state road legal 750 watt motor setting with an off-road 1300 watt setting for extra power on the trail.


Tad Beckwith, Director of Sales and Marketing at EcoSpeed adds, “All of our product are examples of sustainable, green transportation and recreation. However, this EcoSpeed Fatback is an all-terrain bike (ATB) that can get you out and about in crazy weather. It can roll right over snow, sand, and mud. Take that Polar Vortex!”


Fatbikes are a relatively new bike iteration with increasing popularity. With their wide tires and low tire-pressure they let riders access terrain previously off limits to bikes, like snow covered logging roads and sandy beaches. Adding an EcoSpeed electric assist to a fatback now provides customers with a four season, all-terrain pedal-electric vehicle. The EcoSpeed Fatback starts at $8,595.

For more information about the EcoSpeed Fatback electric bike please contact Tad Beckwith, Director of Sales and Marketing, or 503 233 1580.

About EcoSpeed:
EcoSpeed Inc., founded in 2002, and based in Portland, Oregon, designs and manufactures high performance electric motor kits that transform regular bikes and trikes into pedal-electric hybrids. Anyone who would like to drive less and ride more now has a fun, fast, and planet friendly way to get around. EcoSpeed’s systems provide light weight and powerful motor kits that use the gears on the bike to climb hills and help customers arrive at their destination sweat-free and grinning.

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  1. Aaron March 14, 2014 at 8:14 am #

    Part of me is kinda sad about this trend……..
    But the other part of me wants one.

  2. Tony B. March 14, 2014 at 3:04 pm #

    9 grand?

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