Product Spotlight – Vee Goes BIG with the Bulldozer & Snowshoe XL

buldozer and ssxl

Vee Tire hit their mark with their new Bulldozer and Snowshoe XL tires. These are the tires that we’ve all been waiting for…a set of big meaty knobbies that fight in the same size and weight class as Surly’s Bud and Lou.


Folks that have a 190mm spaced fat-bike now have a couple of new alternatives in the tires that they can run. Moonlander owners can also rejoice, but if your fatty is spaced with a 170mm rear end, these tires will likely cause chain rub (just like Bud and Lou). All of the photos and measurements that are included in our initial Product Spotlight about Vee Tire’s Bulldozer and SS-XL were taken with the tires mounted on a set of Fatback 90mm Umma rims and are shown on, Otis, our Fatback 190mm Aluminum Test Bike.

(L-R) Bud, Bulldozer, Lou, Snowshoe XL

(L-R) Bud, Bulldozer, Lou, Snowshoe XL

Many of our readers reacted sceptically when we previewed the Snowshoe XL back in January. In this report, we’ve tried to address the size concerns that appeared in the comments of our previous post about Vee’s new SS-XL. The photo above compares the Vee models with Surly’s Bud & Lou all mounted to the same size rims.

We even gave Otis a bath and took off all of the bags for Sunday's Photo Shoot

We even gave Otis a bath for the Photo Shoot

We weighed our 120 tpi, folding bead, test tires on our Park digital scale and the Snowshoe XLs were 1604/1596 grams and the Bulldozers weighed in at 1430/1389 grams. (Bud and Lou weigh ~1550g). You can compare all fat-bike tire weights HERE.

4.7” Vee Tire – Bulldozer

  • 1430/1389g
  • 109mm wide at the casing on a 90mm rim
  • Diameter 735mm
  • MSRP – $130

4.8″ Vee Tire Snowshoe XL – 120 tpi – folding bead

  • 1604/1596g (non Studded)
  • 115mm wide at the casing on a 90mm rim
  • Diameter 753mm
  • MSRP – $140, ($195 Studded)

We’ll be putting these two tires through the ringer over the new few months and we’ll get back to you with how they perform. Vee estimates that these tires will be available at better bicycle retailers by June or July, 2014.

Look for Sven’s Product spotlight coming up for Vee’s H-Billie Fat-Bike Tire and Vee’s new Trax Fatty, 29+ tire.

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  1. RobB March 25, 2014 at 8:38 pm #

    Like the looks of the Bulldozer tread pattern alot. Should work well in the stuff I frequently ride. Probably won’t fit a 170 Fatback!

  2. Christopher Prest April 4, 2014 at 10:13 pm #

    Just ordered a pair of Snowshoes for my Kona HO, and look forward to seeing how they handle, in a few months time

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