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Noy sent us some shots of his custom Graham Cycles Fat-Bike / 29+ Convertible about 6 weeks ago and check out the ‘photo skills’ on, my man, Noy! It always helps, when you have a gorgeous handbuilt bike as your subject. Joe Graham is the framebuilder that fabricated Noy’s new pride and joy! We’ve been keeping in touch, via email and the story has been all good news! Here’s what our new amigo had to say about Fatzizle.

So here’s my story – I contacted Joe about 2 months ago to build me a fat bike with short CS, low TT, bent ST, and that can fit 29+. I plan on riding it all season long and I wanted versatility where I can switch wheel sets from fat to 29+ depending on what condition or mood I am in. After going back and forth with the measurements and materials, he finally got around to start building it. It took him about 3-4 weeks for everything including the paint. He was very prompt when it comes to communications and answered all the questions that I had.


Build List:

Jones H-Bar

Thomson Stem/SeatPost/WTB Saddle

De-anodized Race Face crank arms

Race Face Narrow 32T/Bashguard

Thomson Stem/SeatPost

NorthPaw 47mm rims paired with Surly Knard/Husker Du 120 tpi’s

Hope Rear Hub, Paul Whub front hub

XT 10 Speed group set if setup geared (1×10) 29 lbs

Niner Cog/KMC chain if setup as single speed 26.5lbs



The first ride impression was good! And to be honest, I thought having a fat front was already enough (had a Jones), but now having 2 fat tires made so much difference! Sure, it was a bit slower, but I felt like I was floating on top of the snow and made the ride much more enjoyable

After riding this thing for about a month now with everything dialed in the right configurations (e.g., psi’s, saddle height, handlebars). All I can say is this thing is fun to ride; climbs great, handles great, and it looks great! I was able to ride some of the trails that I used to walk before but with this thing it made it real easy. Overall I am happy customer and if I can only one bike – this would be it!


Fatzizle set up 29+

Fatzizle set up 29+

For more information about Graham Cycles visit –

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  1. Rickyd March 28, 2014 at 9:44 pm #

    Noy’s my boy! The pix look great, but I have yet to see the bike in person.

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