Product Spotlight – RaceFace Atlas Platform Pedals


I’ve been riding the same set of pedals for about two years and since I have a new bike as of last winter, I’ve been lusting after these RaceFace pedals. My new Fatback 190, Otis, is built up with a heavy dose of RaceFace’s components. The Bar, Stem, Seatpost and Crank are all from our Canadian cousins out there in Vancouver BC. So it made sense (to me) that Otis should rock a set of RaceFace Atlas Platform Pedals.


There was no real hurry, because the 45NRTH Helva pedals that I was using were working great for me. In addition to my just wanting new pedals, the past few months have been somewhat of a whirlwind of sweet new test bikes making their way in and out of the test bunker, so an extra set of pedals, was needed to make their way into our fleet, to keep our product test program rolling along. Last week, when I was in North Carolina, our new candidates arrived and as soon as I got all of the sand out of Otis’ cracks, I weighed, photographed and installed them.


As you can see above, the Atlas pedals came in at 349 grams for the pair. They’re just a shade heavier than the 45NRTH pedals that they’re replacing and have just a little bit thicker profile. The pins are removable and are an eighth of an inch long. The pedals come with a set of tiny washers that can be installed to make the pins a little shorter, but I’m going to initially test them in full shin shredding mode! The Atlas platforms use a fully sealed bearing design and even have a grease access port to keep everything buttery smooth!


Now my pedals match my cranks, which match my post and my bar….not to even mention my stem or my jet black heart…’s fashion week in the fat dash bike dot com test kitchen and proving grounds, so stay tuned for more news and reviews. My trusty Helva Pedals will now enjoy retirement and do volunteer work as our various test bike’s set of pedals…and there is no shortage of new and exciting test bikes coming down the pike!

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