Weekly Dose of Fat – 5-17-14 – with the New Beer Segment! – Show #4

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Weekly Dose of Fat May 17, 2014 -Show #4


This week’s show is sponsored by Surly. You know those guys…They just want to help – http://surlybikes.com

Welcome to this week’s show…

Colin Ford joins us in the studio

Last week we changed the format of the show up a bit and we were pretty happy with the direction…so we’re going add a new segment this week about BEER

Gomez brought Sprecher Amber to taste. Sven drank a Pabst.

Crazieness and rain on the trails = unhappy Sven.

Monday started bike to work week Gomez planned a sub 24 hour overnight. Got the new Apidura bags all stuffed with gear and mounted.

A quick look at what is going on on the Interwebs.

Gomez only got as far as planning…we dug up a few links from some folks that actually executed their plan.

Toni Lund, our friend in Finland, did a spring 24-hour overnighter and wrote about it on his site. Excellent pix.


Morocco Surly Bikepack Trip


Test Kitchen

Surly Ice Cream Truck for the buck-a-billys look for a two part fat-bike.com exclusive coming up on the site soon.

Three new bags from Apidura mounted on Gomez’ Fatback

Gomez installed Raceface Atlas pedals as well as a Vee Tire Bulldozer tire.

Our Borealis Echo will arrive next Tuesday

Gomez has an idea – How bout we have some of the Bike Black Ribbon test pilots race the echo at this month’s 12 hour race at Kettle?

Or two. And he thinks we should set something up at The Rock Extreme Sports park and get shots of Aris hitting the expert lines on the Echo.

We received a Wolf Tooth Components GC 42 cog for the 1 x 10 set-up on my Gomez’ Krampus.

Gomez gets to finally use that shiney Connex Wipperman chain

Ongoing tire testing too.

Sending the Vee Tire Traxx Fatty 29+ tires out to Cale in San Diego. Been a good urban assault tire here.

We’re sending Jesse LaLonde, Twin 6’s Master of Disaster, a set of Vee Tire H-Billy tires to test on the trails up in MPLS.

RSD Bikes discussion

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