Borealis Echo – Battle of Camrock – Race Test

With the success of our 80 mile – 4 person race test of the Borealis Echo, we decided to put out 6th test pilot in the saddle to race the Echo at last week’s WORS Race near Madison, Wisconsin, called the Battle of CamRock. This week’s test pilot is Aristotle Peters….the guy who pulled off the Fat-bike back-flip at Rays Indoor MTB Bike Park and multiple state champion (bla-di-blah-blah). More to the point… Aris is rad and can rail anything with 2 wheels! So we met up last Sunday at CamRock and Aris lined up in the Fat-Bike Category on our Echo test bike.

Aris lined up in the mass of Sport Age Groups. Our Amigo George Kapitz is

Aris (in the red helmet) lined up with a herd of Sport Division racers. Our Amigo George Kapitz is in the lime green helmet – GK won his age division in Sport on a 29+ Carbon Beargrease

I was able to get shots of Aristotle on both of his laps, out on the course.

A bottle hand up from his Dad (Ted) and a big smile!

A bottle hand up from his Dad (Ted) and a big smile!

About 20 minutes before the start, we had a quick thunderstorm roll trough, so the first lap was pretty muddy.



By the time Aris came around on his final lap, conditions were drying to traction sweet chewiness!

The home stretch.

The home stretch.

 Our main man – Aristotle, led the fat-bike field (4 racers) from start to finish and did it in style. He shared that he doubled one of the whoop sections and passed a guy in the process!

In the chute at the finish.

In the chute at the finish.


Aris on the podium along with Barry Winters in Second - Michael Owens took third and our amigo Joel Augustine was DFL

Aris on the podium along with Barry Winters in Second – Michael Owens took third and our amigo Joel Augustine was DFL


Here are some post race quotes from Aris about the Echo. You can listen to the entire interview on the Weekly Dose of Fat Show #7

The bike is absolutely Amazing!
I’ve ridden so many different kinds of bikes, but never have I had so much fun, on a bike…let alone, a fat bike!
It’s crazy fast in the singletrack.
this bike is very flickable

camrock borealis echo airbourne

This is the report that Aris filed with us about his ride on the Borealis Echo at the Battle of Camrock WORS Race:

I immediately felt comfortable on the Echo. Its light weight, stiffness, and all-around versatility makes it the ultimate BICYCLE. Yes, that’s right; I said bicycle. I didn’t say fat-bike, or mountain bike, or trail bike. I think the Borealis Echo is quite literally the best bicycle, period. It’s short chainstays, perfectly slack head angle, light weight, and stiffness make this the most fun I have ever had on a bike. Although I have plenty of fun riding trails on other fat-bikes, the carbon construction of this frame provides unrivaled weight and stiffness. With the Echo coming in at around 26 pounds (with a Bluto); it is a good ten pounds lighter than other fat-bikes that I have ridden. This probably wouldn’t mean a lot given my own weight of 200 pounds, but I found it to feel much more maneuverable and fun.

Up until this point, I’ve only gotten to ride this bike for one race. In just that one race, I was able to pass all of the skinny-tired guys on the first climb and drop all but a couple of them in the singletrack. It is hilarious seeing and hearing the reactions of spectators and other racers when I get air and throw a table during the race. Racin’ folk aren’t used to seeing stuff like this, especially from someone riding a fat-bike. The capabilities of this bike are endless, but the capabilities of my legs are not. I did get caught by a handful of those skinny-tired guys after the first lap but I blame my legs for that! That being said, the Echo is a perfect all-around trail-slayer. It climbs like a mountain goat and descends like a downhill bike (I couldn’t think of an animal that goes downhill fast)

Don’t Echos travel at the speed of sound?

For more information about Borealis Fat Bikes visit –

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