Fat (video) Tuesday – 9:Zero:7 Whiteout – Snow Optional

The 9:Zero:7 boys up there in Anchorage have been keeping busy. The just finished their first video that supports what we’ve been saying for years. Fat bikes make really fun trail bikes! And now with the unbelievably light and burley, fat-carbon bikes, like the 9:Zero:7 Whiteout, it’s a whole new ball game! Take your fat-bike out on your local trails and test your face muscle’s endurance from all the smiling that you’ll have to endure.

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FBR listen and win

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One Response to Fat (video) Tuesday – 9:Zero:7 Whiteout – Snow Optional

  1. Zachary Brown June 12, 2014 at 10:16 pm #

    Sweet, was that a trail by Peters creek?

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