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I’ve kept my eye on a new bike company out in the Front Range called Moonmen after I saw a bad-ass moto handlebar that they made last winter. I didn’t know then, that this was a new venture that would team Paul Knowles, Todd Heath (both formerly of Black Sheep Cycles) with Ryan Mckee to make bikes that really strike a power chord. We received the following transmission from Moonmen about their first creation – #M00. After talking with Ryan (from Moonmen) about the bikes that they have stacked up in their build queue, I cannot wait to see the next dozen builds that come out of  Todd’ and Paul’s shop/studio. The fusion of a couple of my favorite bike styles coupled with Todd’s proven fabricating skills and Paul’s finishing artistry, unleashed upon the finest Titanium tubes – really gets me pretty excited for the future of Moonmen ~gomez~

#M00 - side

We are Moonmen. We’ve spent many nights ripping single track in our hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado and beyond. With so many good times and great conversations in the moonlight we feel kin to the moon. Moonmen is born of the moon’s majesty and the drive to build the bikes we want to ride. We bet that you’ll want to ride them too. The manifestation of our dreams and creative vision have resulted in our first bike, #M00. Moonmen is a custom titanium bike builder so rather than be tied to model names we have opted to lend each bike we create a number. We hope that this means of reference, will allow our customer to see everything we’ve created via hashtag and utilize the tagged images as a means to create their dream ride. mmontrail#M00 is the bike that’s been manifesting since childhood. BMX has been in our hearts from the moment we first rolled two wheels. The #M00 features split top tubes and plate drops, inspired by Torker, the Haro Master and others. Like on a BMX, nimbility is key, a subtle bend in the seat tube helps to create short 17” chain stays. While BMX is the inspiration #M00 is a contemporary mountain bike. With an oversize head tube, 12mm rear thru axle with 142 rear hub spacing, tube splitters and our own Mension© chain tensioning system the #M00 is a legit mountain machine. The Mension© system is one of a kind. Based on previous iterations, we have now taken chain tension to the next level.

#M00  mension collage

We have developed a system that is precise, strong, reliable, and easy to use. Fully CNC machined from US made Titanium, the Mension© system utilizes the strength, durability, and corrosion resistance of this wonder material to give you confidence in your frame. Unlike other tension systems, there is no creaking or continued maintenance to deal with. Set your tension and then go ride your bike. Ideal for chain or belt and it pairs perfectly with our unique “Splitter” travel option which allows the bike to be broken down to fit inside a non oversized travel case.

This bike is all about playing. While it might have specific applications such as floating over a fluffy spring snow storm, bike packing across the desert or taking a podium at your local race series, the #M00 is foremost about joy.

#M00  - exploded

The #M00 is complemented with all the good, good Moonmen parts. On the front end we created the #LupineFork. The Lupine features 1 1/8 fork blades, plate drops with a 15mm thru axle and spacing for a 135mm hub. The #MoonriserHandlebar is 30” wide, has 4” of rise and an 18 ̊ sweep. The Moonmen #BuckeyeStem and #BoltSeatpost wrap up the total, titanium package.



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  1. Nigel June 25, 2014 at 8:09 am #

    Luv the tech in this frame. 😀

  2. Burnsey July 2, 2014 at 9:58 am #

    I’ve seen this fine piece of craftsmanship in person. Beautiful welds, unique to MTB design, and three awesome fellas making bikes (They also ride pretty dang hard too). Check them out for sure.

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