Weekly Dose of Fat – 6-28-14 – with Wyatt Hrudka – Show #10


Weekly Dose of Fat – June 28th, 2014 – Show #10

Surly Bikes is sponsoring this show and our amigos from Surly want you to know that bikes are still fun!

Fat-bike Radio has been heard in over 35 countries!

How about a warm welcome for the fat-bike radio band and their leader – Chris Daisy!!!! Chris isn’t just the fat bike radio band leader – He also runs Zion Cyclery.

Beer Segment – In which we discuss beer…

Becker Sewing Ad – or

Wyatt Hrudka Interview

The Test Kitchen

Besides getting in gear to test we really love to hear from our readers about their gear and all the great adventures you guys have. A great example is a story sent us from the Land Down Under about a fatpacking trip on North Strabroke Island off the coast of Brisbane Australia. Check out the link in the show notes and then get to your own adventure and let us hear about it! Submit your stories and pix to

Another reader contributed feature we love to hear about our Reader’s Rides. Do you have a rig you are proud of? How about shooting some pix writing some words and letting our readers check out your creativity.

Thanks again to our sponsor – Surly Bikes – Surly Bikes are what you kids call ‘Rad!’

We’ll be introducing a new contest on Monday.

Be sure to listen next week, when we welcome Bill Fleming from 907 to the show



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