Independence Day Fat Video!

It’s Sven’s Birthday and Independence Day (my favorite holiday) so we took the day off and let our euro-amigos take over the site with  a “behind-the-scenes” quick edit of a film, shot in Lapland this winter. Damien rode in support for  Nathalie Courtet using a Fat-Bike, made by Salamandre Cycles. Natalie was travelling across Lapland on skis with a pulk / sled. He made a short film that documents his experience and provides some film making insights as well.

Have you ever dreamed about taking over fat-bike for a day?

Send us a story or a video and you can make it (insert your name here) day at fat dash bike dot com! Like Pat Benatar said ‘Hit me with your best shot’ at uncle .

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One Response to Independence Day Fat Video!

  1. Damien July 5, 2014 at 10:07 am #

    Hey there, glad you like my small video.
    Here are, for Facebook adepts, some pictures of my own FatBike, the younger brother of the one I use on this film in Lapland.
    I shall ride across a French mountain range next winter with him… stay tuned on or 🙂