2015 Framed Bikes – Launch all Fatties!

Framed Bikes hit the Fat-Bike scene last winter with their Minnesota fat-bike. We featured a bit of first hand riding experience on their bike in an article entitled ‘The Fat and the Curious‘ last winter. For 2015, Framed is establishing themselves as a big-time player in the fat-bike market. They have their Carbon and Alloy Alaskan bikes at the high end of their line and they’ve expand the Minnesota fat-bike to include a Bluto option along with a women’s specific fatty and a youth-fatty, the Mini-Sota.

Alaskan Carbon

framed alaskan carbon fat bike

Alaskan Alloy

framed alaskan alloy fat bike

Minnesota 3.0

framed minnesota 3.0 fat bike

Minnesota 2.0 Women’s Specific Fat-Bike

framed minnesota women's 2.0 fat bike

Mini-Sota Youth Fat-Bike

framed Minni-sota kids fat bikeWe have one of the Mini-Sota 24″ wheeled bikes in the test kitchen and have been lending it out to the grommets in Uncle Gomez’ neighborhood, along with some lucky kids of fat-biking friends. This is a pretty sweet option for parents that are looking to get their kids into fat-biking.

The Framed line-up is solid and well thought out. There are 3 different component levels for the Minnesota line along with the Women’s and kids models. The Alaskan line is a high end carbon and aluminum fatty that won’t break your bank account. Pricing isn’t listed on the new Framed Bikes web-site just yet, but spec’s and geometry is all up and ready for you to surf. I’ve seen some of the pricing for the 2015 Framed line-up and I think that our friends at some of the more main stream fat-bike companies should probably stock up on antacids, because I predict, Framed Bikes, will be very busy this winter! Take a look at this exciting new line-up of Framed fat-bikes at

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2 Responses to 2015 Framed Bikes – Launch all Fatties!

  1. SteamRoller72 October 2, 2014 at 7:58 am #

    I recently ordered a 2015 Framed Minnesota 2.0 in white/red, size 20. Backordered until 10/9/14, but it’ll be here in WNY by the time the snow flies… Can’t wait to shred that MFer!

  2. Ray October 12, 2014 at 8:47 pm #

    Just picked up a 2015 Framed Minnesota 2.0. I’ve only ridden it two times this weekend but so far it performs great. I was looking to get into the fat bike scene without breaking the bank. I did it for under a grand with nicely spec’d components and a great looking, well-built frame. The anodized rims, hubs, head tube spacers and seat clamp are great touches (mine are lime green). Worth the look!

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