45NRTH VANHELGA Tire Out of the box review

When Gomez hit me up with an opportunity to test the new 45NRTH tires I was quite intrigued, seeing as how I’m still rolling on some near first gen Larrys. That said, I wanted to do them justice and review them set up in all their tubeless glory, so I made a few phone calls and came up with a set of the new tubeless compatible Mule Fut 80mm rims from Sun Ringle. So while in this out of the box review I’m just going to talk about the tires look forward to a multi part review consisting of a wheel-build and test of the full tubeless capabilities of the Tire / Rim combo.

45nrth vahelga tire sun mule fut rim

As I said previously my main ride is still rolling on some fairly old rubber, mostly because i do a lot of beach and sand riding, for that the larry is more than adequate with a low rolling resistance and no real need for a lot of off camber  or loose corner grip. Having said that I am really excited to get on some current gen. rubber, the new 45NRTH VanHelga is that for sure, with 120tpi casing and Dual Compound rubber its right up there with high end 29″ and 26″ tires.

check out how smooth the bead is manufactured

check out how smooth the bead is manufactured

Out of the box the first thing you notice is the build quality is excellent, with a really nice smooth bead and sidewalls that look like they will hold up to some serious abuse.

45nrth vahelga tire sun mule fut rim.jpg1.jpg2.jpg3

The specs for My two specimens are as follows 1334g and 1328g per tire, so not much Variation there (Jessies tires came in at 1318g and 1322g respectively so you can reasonably expect about the same)  the 4.0 width seems right on the money I’ll have to get ahold of some Calipers and get a measurement once they have had a few days to settle in and stretch. The knob pattern looks excellent with a bunch of semi-square knobs that are siped (they have small cuts through the knob to increase grip) across the crown of the tire and a solid row of more closely spaced square knobs on the side for cornering traction.

Next up I will talk about the new Mule Fut tubeless compatible Wheelset and how these guys mount up and ride!

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  1. Fixie Dave August 11, 2014 at 8:26 am #

    We have had a set at Borealis for quite some time and this tire is amazing in the dirt! Fun tread kind of reminds me of a minion. No odd cornering traits. Fun tire as long as you aren’t on pavement or smooth terrain

  2. Tyler August 26, 2014 at 12:28 pm #

    Who made your sweet camo frame bag?

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