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Our Amigos at Borealis Bikes have launched Turnagain Fat Bike Components today from eurobike. Adam and Steve  run Borealis and Turnagain under the Fat Bike Company umbrella. Today in Germany they have Turnagain’s first three products on display. Some sweet 100mm rims, matching anodized fat bike hubs and a direct mount front derailleur hanger. They went to all of the trouble to write a fabulous press release so we should probably go ahead and share their professionally crafted words.

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Turnagain Fat Bike Components Press Release
August 27, 2014 at 9am German Time

(Friedrichshafen, Germany)- Turnagain Components, a subsidiary of The Fat Bike Company, launched several fat bike specific components at the Eurobike trade show this morning. Named after the formidable Turnagain Arm and Turnagain Pass in Anchorage, Alaska, the new brand made a big statement with its initial product debut. Co-founder Steve Kaczmarek says that Turnagain Components aims to be the “premier fat bike parts-only dedicated component brand.”

Turnrgain 100mm Stock Rim Photo 9
The most notable of Turnagain’s new products is their FR100 rims- a tubeless ready, race ready 100mm wide fat bike rim that looks as good as it feels. The rims feature Turnagain’s new FTD (Fat Tubeless Design) technology which, according to company manager Flynn George “makes you wonder why fat bike tubes even exist anymore.” The rims can be set up tubeless with any existing fat tire on the market extremely easy- little more than 60 grams of standard tubeless tire sealant and a high-volume floor pump or air compressor is all that is needed. The FR100 is also the lightest ultra-wide 100mm rim available to date at a mere 935 grams.
Company co-founder Adam Miller says “The combination of an extremely effective tubeless system and significantly lighter weight rim will make the addition of these new rims to any fat bike a fantastic decision.”

Turnagain Hub Color Stock Photo 8
Turnagain also released fat bike hubs- most notably a newly designed 150mm front hub designed for the RockShox Bluto fork and the new fat bike standard 150mm front spacing. Turnagain offers a rear fat bike hub in 197x12mm and 190mm QR options.

Turnagain F Derailleur Mount Stock Photo 2
Other small parts hidden within the Turnagain launch are a front derailleur mount for double chainrings and 190mm rear spacing that come in three snazzy color options. The Turnagain Magnum fat tube, multiple rim strip options, and the promise of more products to come soon makes Turnagain Components the premier fat bike part and accessory brand to watch during this fall season.
Turnagain is pleased to announce that all Turnagain products will be available for dealers to purchase through Bicycle Technologies International in the USA, and directly from The Fat Bike Company for international distributors and OE brands. For more information, check out and Turnagain’s Facebook page can be found at The Fat Bike Company can be contacted at or 320-FAT-BIKE.




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