A Pugsley in Poland!

Our post last week about Polish fat-biker Norbert Jędrzejczyk, inspired Jarek Chincz to send me a shot of his Pugsley on the beach of the Baltic Sea, from Poland. I asked Jarek to fill us in a little bit about the riding in his area and he replied with this great story of how he got into fat bikes and even more stylized photographs of the Baltic coast. I’ve done a bit of editing, but please keep in mind the language difference – english/spanish/polish makes things interesting. ~gomez~

surly pugsley poland.1

I am a complete fat bike freak. After I cracked the frame on my 29’r,  I decided to buy something heavy duty.  After some deep internet research and reading  a story about the Canning Stock Route adventure pedaled by Jakub Postrzygacz (click the links to see details) I chose to follow the SURLY FFF (Fatties Fit Fine) philosophy and bought a bike designed for almost any load. My first idea was to buy a Moonlander… NASA moon rover with 100mm Clown Shoe rims but ….As a young shaver in the matter of fat bikes, the fear of high rolling resistance unfortunately won out and I decided to grab a mid-fat Pugsley OPS with 3.8˝ Nate tires on 82mm Rolling Darryl rims. Looking back, now I would have been better off with the moonlander because it can run 100mm rims and 4.8″ tires. Sometimes “the more the better”

surly pugsley poland

But it’s happened… I am the lucky one who can move around on this terrain beast and I am very satisfied & excited every time when I get out and ride my Pug.
There are a lot of wild lands, ready to explore, in Poland. One of them is the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea….the region which I’d like to share with you. These photos are from my last beach ride. The ride was perpetrated in the middle of July 2014 somewhere in the neighborhood of a small village named Osetnik where there’s a very nice lighthouse in the middle of a pine forest.

like a kid

Frankly speaking, fat bikes are not (yet) as popular in Poland as in America but interest in them, is growing. Every time when I set out to ride my bike, its view inspires undisguised interest from everyone. What a surprise for the people of Warsaw…. they can experience a rare view of an unidentified fat object, flying by with the loud humm from my Nates. I ride my Pug every day –  no matter what the time or weather. This is my pathway to ‘freedom of the movement’….and a way to encourage my desire to constantly explore something new…..like a kid soaking up the world.

So stay tuned, and be active!!!


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  1. Amazing story. Nice to see interest in fat bike scene in Poland. After a long cold ride, i would be ready for some perogi

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