Fat Video Tuesday ♦ August Welsh Bivvy

Last week we introduced you to Jeff ‘summittoppler’ Price and his once a month bivvy-quest. Well this week we’re sharing the August version of his year of monthly bivvys! Here’s what Jeff had to say about his fatventure!

The weekends were filling up fast with things going on so it was time for me to make the most of it and get my August bivvy ride in. After checking out the maps and coming up with a route, it was then time to look at the weather forecast as this August hadn’t been too summery!!!

As I pulled into the car park the heavens opened with an almighty downpour followed by hail stones. This wasn’t supposed to happen, all year I’d been looking forward to the summer bivvy rides, it’s what drove me through the cold frosty earlier ones.

The route consisted of forestry fire roads with plenty of climbing. The early rain had gone to leave some good spells of sunshine making the moisture evaporate from the forestry with some stunning effects. The evening sun was casting shadows down the valley floor and was setting fast, it was time to look for a bivvy spot. Even though I hadn’t seen anyone all day it was reassuring to find a good spot of the track. The night was a chilly clear one which gave way to a great sunrise at 6am. After breaking camp it was more of the same forestry tracks back to the car.

A great ride and now it’s time to plan the September bivvy……….


Jeff ‘summittoppler’ Price


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