Fat (video) Tuesday – Tal y Fan

Jeff Price started out the year by promising himself a bivvy every month for this year of  the gnome (2014). Jeff emailed me and asked, “why not check out my fat-bike videos?” So I did just that and found fat gold in the hilly countryside of Wales! I asked Jeff to tell us a bit about his film and this is what he shared,

This was to be my 7 out of 7 for the bivvy a month challenge I’d set myself at the start of the year. So with the last day of the month of July it was time to pack the bivvy on the Mukluk and head off to the hills of North Wales, (UK) from the doorstep. The early evening was quite warm as I headed out following old farmers tracks that the sheep were grazing on. The Mukluk was packed lightweight, compared to previous trips this year and it felt really good to be out not knowing where I was going to sleep. As the sun set at 9:15 it was time to find a sheltered spot from the impending rain that was forecast for the evening. A sheltered rocky outcrop provided the ideal shelter from the wind driven rain showers and it was good to get a good nights sleep. I woke up at 5am ready for the sunrise but the cloud cover hid the morning sun. After a very quiet 2 hour ride back to the front door it was time for a quick brew and then head off to work!!

Where do you dream about riding your fatty?

Send us your wildest fat-bike fantasies, scribbled down on a cocktail napkin or per chance, via email. A good email to try, would be gomez@fat-bike.com.


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