Not a Wallpaper Wednesday Club ♦ Bangalee NSW Australia

Kev Bristow sent me these 4 shots that are all pretty damn incredible! ! love the Blackness of the shot below. Tell us your favorite in the comments. All of these shots were so good, I kept them all pretty large, so you can look at them full size. Just click on any photo to view them larger.



Here’s a couple of shots from the South Coast of NSW, Australia. Watched the sun come up solo followed by an afternoon beach cruise with a good mate. Awesome way to spend a Friday.


Kev Bristow



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  1. Hardly Suntworthy September 19, 2014 at 9:49 pm #

    Nice one Big Rev Kev, the take over of the internet is almost complete, but just remember, Rust never sleeps…

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