Global Fat-Bike Day ♦ December 6th, 2014

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Two years, ago a couple of very clever Brits came up with an idea for a grass roots – worldwide – fat-bike holiday, that would bring the fat-bike community together, like nothing we’ve ever seen before or since! December 6th, is the date of this year’s – GLOBAL FAT-BIKE DAY! Some of you are probably wondering… why are we telling you about an event so far in advance? Well it’s because you are all part of the planning process! It takes time to get all of your ducks in a row, and gather your regional fat-tribe for some world-wide group-fun. So consider this your early reminder, to mark your calendars and get that process started. This event is purely a grass-roots, community based dealio. no sponsors, no entry fees, and no worries…..just, one of the best times, you have ever had on a fat-bike! GFBD isn’t owned or run by any commercial enterprize. GFBD belongs to everyone that has a fat-bike and wants to celebrate! There are threads about GFBD at both the UK Fat-Bike Forum and the MTBR Fat-Bike Forum. Everyone is invited to get together and join in the fun!

In case you haven’t heard, Fat-Bikes are currently, what you might call, Mui Caliente! I like to believe that we’re in the midst of a fat-bike renaissance and we should all gather together to revel in this time of  abundance! On December 6th, 2014, people from all over the globe, will get out for a ride on their fat-bikes!  They’ll go for a solo cruise or maybe make plans to gather their fat-bike amigos, for a group ride! Don’t forget your camera, because part of the Global Fat-Bike Day celebration will include sharing your experience, through photos and video! The world fat-bike community is ready to learn more about this year’s GFBD so regional ride organizers, please share your plans for the event! Drop us a note at We’ll post links to regional GFBD rides in our Weekly Dose of Fat reports on Fridays leading up to the date of the event.

With all of the new hardware that’s coming down the pike, think about how exciting its going to be, when we all come together in groups and get the opportunity to take some of these new bikes for a test spin. Or imagine how cool it’s going to be for new members of the fat-bike community to show off their new school rides to the long beards and early adopters in the group. The idea behind GFBD is for the entire fat-bike community to go for a ride together and then….maybe derby it up!

Global Fat-Bike Day is going to be HUGE!


Please feel free to use the two banners on this page to promote your regional events! The top banner is sized to fit a Facebook Cover Photo and the square one works for everything else!

Take a peek at the GFBD gallery from 2012 –

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  1. Don’t forget how tiny our little island is, but we’ve already started planning 3 Global Fat bike group rides already for 12th December.

    One up north, one down south and the other in the middle.

    Come and join us, there will be echelon photos for sure 😉

  2. Awesome event!! So looking forward to our ride here in Winnipeg. Hoping for a turnout of about 100, we shall see. Joining a small group of friends for breakfast, then meeting at the “Forks” for 11:00. All getting together for photo op’s then a group ride. Pic’s to follow, hope all have a safe ride, enjoy the day!!

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