Weekly Dose of Fat – 10-10-14 – with Chewey & D/C Dirty – Show #25

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Just a heads up folks! There is about 50 seconds of dead air in this episode
from about 31:44 to 32:35. Sorry about that! I am working on a fix!

smage fpjumpy
Pat Smage goes Skinny to Big Fat Air

Weekly Dose of Fat for Friday, October 10th, 2014 – Show #25

Joining Sven and Gomez in the studio today is J.K. Livin

Chris Daisy and the Dose of Fat Band hipped us to a new Jam for the show intro!

Our show this week is sponsored by Surly Bikes. Ice Cream Trucks are starting to come into stock at better bicycle retailers across America. Why not visit your local bike shop and take one for a test ride? Learn more at http://surlybikes.com

On this week’s show

  • Chewie provides us with the Ludite response to this year’s Interbike coverage
  • We chat with Dirty from Drunk Cyclists
  • We give you a Preview of what’s to come – Surly is coming on the show next week

Beer Segment

How do you feel about Pabst Blue Ribbon, Blatz and Hamms being sold to the Russian?

Chewie Interview

Chewie still loves PBR!

Weekly Dose of Internet Fat

The same day that the Fat Bike Birkie announced that they would be the US Fat Bike National Championships, USA Cycling published this memo about a US National Championship that will be held in Ogden Utah on February 14th. You can check out USA Cycling’s announcement here:

Last Wednesday was Full Suspension Fat-Day

Dirty Interview

Healing vibes for that broken arm, Dirty!

Next week we’re hosting a couple of the Hombres from The Official Intergalactic Surly Regional HQ and we want you to email us some questions that you would like us to pose for them. Email me your suggested questions and if we use your question on the show, we’ll mail you a sticker pack. Send your questions to gomez@fat-bike.com with SURLYQ as the subject.

Fat Links!

A cracker-jack ‘How To’ for going tubeless on your fat-bike…..on rims with tires that are not necessarily in the easy to convert or tubeless ready cataegory.


Our amigo Bjorn Olson of Homer AK – posted some stunning photographs on his blog of some friends riding near a glacier. (Glah-Cee-ah)

A bossanova packing list for bike-packing from the pedaling nowhere blog.

An Alaska Fat-bike Education

Jill dreams of winter –

After a couple of successful years running a sled dog race, and posting a guaranteed $1500-minimum purse, The Iron Line crew is doing a Fat-bike Race this year in Iron County, Michigan. Saturday, January 31st, 2015.

Rise of the Planet of the Fat-bikes

CoastKid Report

Full Suspension in Arizona on the Salsa’s Blog

Thanks again to Surly for sponsoring the radio portion of today’s broadcast.

Keep the rubber side down and roll fatties roll!

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