45NRTH Introduces the Sturmfist Line of Winter Gloves

In the video above we caught up with David Gabrys from 45NRTH at Interbike to get a preview of the new Sturmfist 4 and Sturmfist 5 winter gloves. David explains the construction and features that 45NRTH has developed over the past 2 years in an effort to offer the best winter glove for winter cycling and fat-biking.


BLOOMINGTON, MN – NOVEMBER 13, 2015 – 45Nrth is expanding their offering of extreme winter cycling products to include comfort solutions for hands with the release of the Sturmfist collection of extreme winter cycling gloves. Designed for riding in the coldest of conditions, Sturmfist is the first cycling glove to use a layer of Aerogel insulation in the palms to address the conductive heat loss caused by frozen handlebars. The gloves utilize a Polartec NeoShell® outer combined with Polartec Alpha® insulation on the back of the hand to provide an unprecedented level of warmth, breathability and resistance to the elements. The Sturmfist collection will be available in two different models. The five-fingered Sturmfist 5 incorporates a 100% Merino wool liner for total moisture control and keeps hands protected in 15–35ºF conditions. For days when the mercury plunges below 15°, there’s the four-fingered Sturmfist 4. Utilizing a double glove design, Sturmfist 4 features a removable 100% Merino wool liner glove, and is rated for more frigid, 0–15ºF days. The Merino wool liner is also available separately to be used as a replacement for mid-ride freshness, or with 45North’s Cobrafist pogies. For the ultimate blend of wool and insulation technology, Sturmfist 4, Sturmfist 5, and the Merino Wool Liner will be arriving at retailers next week for $130, $100, and $50, respectively. All pieces in the collection will be available in sizes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

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  1. freisianpug November 16, 2014 at 8:14 pm #

    Is Bloomington a year in the future, and if so will the gloves come back in time to us, or will we have to wait?