Weekly Dose of Fat – Wayne Chapman Interview – 11-7-14 – Show #29

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Weekly Dose of Fat –  Show #29 – 11-7-14 – Wayne Chapman Interview

 As you’ve come to expect it’s Sven, Gomez and J.K. Livin’ in the studio.

Thanks to Chris Daisy And The Zion Cyclery Fat bike Band

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On this week’s show

  • The Godfather of Fat-Biking Down under – Mr. Wayne Chapman joins us on the program.
  • We talk about the Global Fat-Bike Summit
  • Plus we got links!

Beer Segment with Lakefront IPA from the folks at Schlick Cycles

Beer Talk

Interview with Wayne Chapman from the Land Down Under

Weekly Dose of Fat

For the third consecutive year, Fat-bike dot com is a proud sponsor of the Fat-Bike Summit.

Guide to what to wear by Temperature (Wet or Dry) – I Bookmarked this one years ago and go back to it every fall for a refresher course.

Oregon Dunes Trip in Two Parts

Bike Radar rode a fat-bike and liked it (Yawn)

Our Amigo Antoine drafted a heads-up for his readers on a type of bike that is still very rare in New Zealand. Most people there have never seen one according to Ant.

Lynskey announced that their Stratus Fat-bike has changed names to the Fatskey. New features include a helix top and down tube and a tapered headset.

Me, My Track and I. A Fat Bike trail spoken word.
SkiDoo Rednecks, No talent Snowshoers, Skier snobs, Skinny tire bikes, Selfish Fat bikers and …. Moose Everyone is a target of this funny spoken word about the hypocrisy of trail sharing.

The mythical Surly Dirt Wizard gets tested!

Our old friends Greg and Jason from Fatback are getting pretty popular these days on the interview circuit. http://www.bikerumor.com/2014/11/04/interview-fatback-cycles-greg-matyas-and-jason-hill-talk-about-the-new-alaskan-adventure/

An Alaskan Dispatch Newspaper article about the soaring popularity of fat-bikes. They were kind enough to mention that fat-bike.com was the source of the quote from Gary Fisher. Thanks for that amigos!

The Norther Michigan Fat-bike Series has been renamed Shorts Brewing Fatbike Series and a website move ensued. Yay BEER!


Halo Gets Fat.

Bruce is selling his first Pug, in fact, the first fat-bike in Scotland!

Another take on Jay’s Backyard Pursuit

A look back at Salsa’s 31 days of blogging. Now…if they could just keep it going for another 3 years…

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That’s what we have for this week! See you next time

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