2014 Holiday Gift Guide

With all of the new fat-bike owners facing their first winter, we thought that we’d put a little X-Mas wish list to help the folks that are shopping for the fat-biker on their list. We asked our Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots what they wanted to find under the tree for themselves and the list is pretty crazy. Here’s a list that is sure to put a smile on just about every fat-biker from new members of the fat-bike family to the long beards that already have one of everything.


Angry Andy — I’d like a Sweet 14 color hand Screen printed Snow YETI long sleeve shirt. A Flask and Flask holder. Oh yeah, Beer and Pink Nipples……(alloy)

dk gray

P1020667    64oz-Black-Butte

Ken Blakey-Shell — Dammit! Andy stole mine! I too want a flask. Actually two flasks! A Barking Bear flask holder for my stem (got to keep it within site so I remember to stay hydrated!) and a King Cage Mud Flask to cover my posterior. Would I seem like too big a lush if I also listed a Growler Cage and Hydro Flask Beer Growler?


Lastly, a pair of Vee Tire Snowshoe XL studded tires so that I can stay upright in icy conditions while carrying all the precious cargo listed above.


Matt Gersib —  You know I love wheels, so in addition to the Turner King Kahn, my Fat-Bike Christmas list includes a set of 65mm wide NEXTIE Black Eagle carbon rims, and some Panaracer Fat B Nimble tires(in both 26 and 29+ sizes). On the more social end of things, I’m a big fan of tallboys of Deviant Dale’s, from Oskar Blues Brewery in beautiful Colorado.

nextie wheels

Spinner Ryerson


1.  A fat cargo bike.  If this needs to be something that actually exists (outside of a custom build of course) I’ll change that to an Ice Cream Truck.  I’m not intrigued enough to replace my Moonlander on my own dime but if Santa delivered one, what the hell.


2.  A wide shot full color framed photo (like at least 24″ × 54″) photo of Gomez in a full Santa suit bike jorring with his stable of mtn dogs with cowboy in the lead wearing a red nose pulling a sleigh full of bike gifts and a couple kegs of high alcohol content egg nog.  Or the new Surly jacket.


3.  Revelate Tangle frame bag.

 e_havoc_carbon_riser1    haven_carbon_post_970x9701

Ernesto — An Easton Havoc carbon handlebar and Haven carbon seat post – and a bottle of Knob Creek.


The Locust (Cale) — mmmmmmm – a new Porcelain Rocket Mr fusion seatbag. A set of Shimano XT brakes for the pugs and a sweet mexican fatbike vacation…seriously thats the thing i really want.


McColgan —

1) Salsa Blackborow since I really want a five inch fatty and I everyone can ask me what Balckborow means.
2) so I can ride clipless in the winter, and I want to be like the cool kids too.
3) Revelate Mountain feedbag.  Seems like the perfect bag for the Jones bar. And if anyone has a Gnome puffy sticker the one on my sideview mirror from GF7 has seen better days.
Steve Meurett —
HED Big Deal Carbon Fat Bike Wheelset and a bottle of Infinity Beverage (eau Claire) Beerski whiskey made form Sand Creek Doppel Bock
Perl Izumi Select Thermo bib tights and a New red bell for my fat bike.
First fatbike ride?  Solomon boots– easy to slide on, warm and compatable with all flat pedals
Colin Ford — 
#2 a better handlebar gear wrap/bag for bikepacking
#3 a Rockshox Reverb Dropper post for my ICT… yep
Does a carbon 150mm spaced thru-axle tapered fork exist?

Julio dot Com —


Naran 80 Carbon Fat Bike Rims, offset drilled carbon rims, laced with DT comp spokes to ISO Disc Hubs | Chris King Precision Components disc hubs (135mm/135mm hub spacing front and rear).

New summer wheelset – tubeless offset carbon rims w/ King hubs (yes, I ride a 135 rear bike).  I need to shed some weight off my bike and I think this might be an acceptable upgrade.
Wolvhammers. I needs me some new winter boots.  My old lakes are loosing their edge and I want to be as cool as all the other cool kids this winter. (Mentioned Twice!) Gore Xenon 2.0 softshell bib tights.  Warm, dry legs. Enough said. Plus Angry Andy wears Gore winter tights and we all want to be just a little more like the Angry One. With a dash of midnight power wheelies.
Smith Vantage helmet. 21 adjustable vents. On the fly heat management. Nuff said.
Olov Stenlund —
Stan´s Hugo rims on Absolute Black Black Diamond hubs for my Badass Surly Instigator 26+ build.
I would say proper gloves or bar mitts like Riding in supercold weather and you loose your chain or need to do other maintenance. Its hard to get warm again and that just suck big time.
Aaron Hautala —
My 2014 Christmas shopping list includes first and foremost, not-frozen water made possible by Here’s to 2015 being frozen hydration hose free.
For après fat biking, is dressed to impress.

And for the -15F rides we all love here in MN, one can’t live without the

 Jenny Scott —
I know it’s long, but that’s what she said: hah, just some things i think would be nice for a ladies first winter on a fatbike


45NRTH Dillinger Tires –


Win the Ugly Sweater Contest –


Gomez —


As part of my #otisgetspimped campain I want a WCS CARBON BULLMOOSE INTEGRATED BAR STEM –


There are a lot of fancy pogies out there, but most lower 48 folks would be well served by a set of Bar Mitts. Their new extreme model is pretty bad ass. Pogies rule at keeping your hands warm.


Great Tires make all of the difference when conditions get tough. I agree with Jenny on the Dillingers and I’m going to add the 45NRTH VanHelgas. While you’re at the bike shop, buy a big jug of Stan’s Tire Sealant to encourage your gift recipient to try tubeless!


And the last item is something to get for the fat-biker that has everything……a pack raft from Alpacka Raft.



Holy Moly that’s a sleigh full of toys! From all of us at Fat-bike dot com, we hope you have a very Fat & Fun Holiday Season!

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  1. DJ December 6, 2014 at 10:48 am #

    Framed up Santa Gomez…for thee win!

  2. hunter December 7, 2014 at 10:15 pm #

    That Packraft is on the list

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