Fat Video Tuesday ♦ GFBD – Solo Style

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Global Fat-Bike Day isn’t all about big group rides. It can be a solo ride if that’s what you can swing. Some folks (like me) love going out for solo rides. The same is true of our amigo Rusty Knorr. The rust-man sent me this clip of his GFBD ramble on the beaches of the Puget Sound in Seattle, Washington. This is what he shared about his ride.

Another old guy riding his fatback on the beach…bet you’ve never seen THAT before…Well, it’s not always about how fast you can ride, how much you “shred the gnar”, or how crazy you can get on a bike. Sometimes it’s just about getting out there no matter what, and having a blast doing whatever you want, or are able, to do. Never stop riding, or having fun!!! This was my “Global Fatbike Day” ride for 2014. I shot this on Alki Beach in Seattle, WA. Crank it up, go full screen, and enjoy an old man “Wanderin’ Around!”

That’s some pretty good advice that I try to follow whenever possible!


Did you boys and girls know that you can email me your hosted fat-circus videos or a fat-bike parable and we might share it right here on the fat-bike interwebz of fun? That’s right, we have a fat-bike club and you are invited to become a full fledged member. All you have to do is drop me a line at uncle gomez@fat-bike.com and next week we’ll share your fatventures on the interwebz, and then all of your dreams will come true (maybe).

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