First Look – Vasque Arrowhead Ultradry Winter Boot

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ROOTEAWhen I was Christmas shopping for mi hijo, Hootie, I spied these boots, probably because they actually look like a modern winter cycling boot. Vasque says that they’re for snowshoeing and winter hiking. They mimic the boot within a boot that the 45NRTH boots have, but have 200 grams of thinsulate, MAGPEPcompared to the Wolvhammer’s 200 grams of Primaloft. They have a slender outer profile, just like a winter cycling boot, Here’s what made me make the decision to buy a pair and test them. They were only $144 delivered right to my door from If you ride flats in the winter, I bet I just got your attention!

The boots arrived and I tried them on right away. The fit is very true. The toe box is a little larger that the Wolvhammers or Lakes. (I wear a pair of Flat Pedal Wolfhammers and have tested the Lake 303’s). Getting in and out of the Arrowheads is very easy. Easier than the Wolfhammers. They use a similar speed cinch style lacing system that the Wolfhamers employ on the inner boot and the outer boot is held in place with a zipper punctuated with a spot of velcro. The outer boot on the arrowheads does not go all the way to the top of the boot like a Wolvhammer. The sole on the Arrowhead is similar to a light hiking boot and the tread is of an aggressive snow variety. I’ve worn them on two rides and I think these are going to work pretty well. The question will be how cold will they go and will they hold up to the abuse of winter cycling?

vasque arrowhead

So that’s what we’re going to find out. I’ll be wearing these Vasque Arrowhead Ultradry Winter Boots for the next month and I’ll let you know how that works out, some time in January.



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  1. I like the look of those and might buy a pair.

    Does the top of the boot bind on your leg over the course of the ride? I find that higher boots usually start to do that.

    I like the lack of exposed laces below the ankle. No annoying snow chunks stuck to them.

    Thanks for posting these!

    • I have not experienced any binding at the top of the boot, but I do not use the top set of eyelets and wear tall (over the calf) socks in the winter.

    • I bought a pair of these a few months ago, been riding and hiking in them at least once a week, no issues with durability so far, easy on and off, fairly warm down to the teens, I could see adding a “hot pocket” if it were really cold.

      The fit is true to size, but you can size up for extra socks/insoles. The toebox is generous, so that helps keep toes warm. The sole is rockerd, so pin contact is fair. Longer and spikier pins are better if you have them. I thought about having the sold ground down to reduce the rocker. Hiking in snow/water is good, no leakage so far.

      As long as they stay together, I’d say these are a nice boot for winter riding.

  2. Any updates? I rode today (2nd ride in snow and ~22F) and my OLD Sorels are HEAVY and are begging for replacement. How do these perform and any comments on sizing??

    Thanks gents.



    • I ordered one size up since you’re usually wearing thick wool socks. toes do get cold at 0F but they are good if you through in some disposal toe warmers…

  3. Thnx Mike –

    I ordered a pair in my size on Amazon. I fully plan to return them if they do not fit. I wanted to order some Bugaboot II with Omniheat, but cannot find them anywhere in my size. I wear an 11 in most shoes. I’ll report back.

  4. So I have two pairs of 11’s and a pair of 11.5’s now at my house. The first pair of 11’s had a bump near my small toe on the right boot that drove me nuts so I ordered a second pair and some 11.5s. I normally wear an 11 or a European 35. The 11s (EU 34) fit, but the 11.5s (EU 35) are just a touch longer with a noticeably wider feel in the footbed which I prefer (I live in Sanuks or barefoot if at all possible.) I compared the soles between sizes and can barely see the difference in length. I’ am keeping the 11.5s, comfy, a little more room near toes and extra room for socks. Riding tomorrow in the ‘teens. Can’t wait. Thanks Gomez and everybody else.

  5. Just RECIEVED my boots,wear a size 12w and ordered a 13 med, with heavy socks they fit great.had I ordered 12’s they’d be going back.quality looks very good.they go on and off like any performance winter boot.gonna try’em out on my fatboy tomorrow,can’t wait! Thanks Brian

  6. on vasque website, the magnet-chili pepper it looks black. but on your picture it looks purple. is it really purple?

  7. So….any thoughts after using them for a while? I recently found a great deal on them and couldn’t resist. As others have said, the fit is true (I normally wear a 9.5 and that’s what a I bought – still enough room for a thick ski sock) they are plently comfortable, and reasonable stiff for not being a bike-specific boot. But it’s going to be a few more months before I can put them to use – love to hear thoughts from those who’ve already been using them.

    • They’re warm enough for lower 48 winter use, but I developed plantar fasciitis (heel pain) in my left foot during the time that I tested these. I don’t know if it’s related, but I’ve hesitated to review the shoes because of that. Plantar fasciitis is really hard to get rid of and I’m still experiencing symptoms (heel pain).

      • Dammit man, sorry to hear about the dreaded PF! Here’s to a speedy recovery, and if all else fails, treat liberally with Blood of the Unicorn. : P

        I’ll be putting my Arrowheads through their paces this winter, and will share some thoughts when I feel I’e had enough experience with them…

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