Framed Minnesota 2.0 Womens Full Review

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My goal for this holiday season is to make sure more women get Fat…seriously, we need more women riding Fatbikes, and the Framed Minnesota 2.0 Women’s Fatbike is just the Fatty to do so, at a darn great price. For only one easy payment of $899 you too can get this sweetly equipped beauty, and what I found out from a coworker who ended up buying himself a 2.0, at for an extra $99 you can get a whole new wheelset of fatty slims to make her even more versatile, kinda like getting two bikes for the price of one.

The good folks at Framed have paid close attention to our weird female bodies and made the bike more woman-friendly by shortening the handlebar length to 680mm, shortening the crank arm length to 170mm, and creating a significantly lower stand over height along with that super comfy women’s saddle I was raving about in the last post, for realz my lady bits have never been happier, if I could sit on that all day I probably would. All that and some pretty cool color combinations, you have yourself a 34 pound decently equipped Fatbike for under $1000

She handled awesomely in all kinds of terrain and conditions. I took her off some sweet jumps on the trails, having a bit more confidence to nail the landing on the bigger tires after my single-speed mountain bike face plant fiasco from earlier this year where I landed stupidly on my chin and broke my jaw


we splashed around through some creeks


took her to the beach to show off  them sexy curves, where she floated effortlessly on the sand


fatted around on the snow during my first ever night-time trail ride


even brought her home to meet the family at Thanksgiving, riding the trails down by the Allegheny river


after blundering our way through the sweet hilly and rocky singletrack of western Pennsylvania, tires holding a firm grip on the wet, muddy leaves


I even took her to play some bike polo, she’s so cool and versatile, showing off how nimbly she can wheelie and pivot turn



having the gears let me get to the joust much more quickly, and in goal I felt like I had a way bigger profile with those fat wheels to block shots. I can’t wait for a tournament where Fatbikes are the norm


but probably my favorite thing I got to do with the Fatbike, was participate in all kinds of races. Like dressing up like Randy from the Trailer Park Boys and chasing a cheeseburger at the Halloween Kisscross Race!

photo credit: Jack Kunnen
photo credit: Jack Kunnen

and wearing a pug onesie at The Lowell 50 gravel road race, where I actually took first place in the ladies Fatbike category and won a sweet medal and some lube! (the non-sexy kind)

photo credit: Rob Meendering

Granted…I was 1 out of only 2 women in that category, but my mom doesn’t need to know that…hehe. Actually this is exactly why I think more women need to start riding Fatbikes. Not only for all the new places you’ll be able to ride, or for the awesome camaraderie you immediately get from other Fatbikers as you’ve joined a cool group of weirdos, or for the ability to ride year round with a huge smile on your face. The main reason more women need Fatbikes is so costumed nerds like me can’t weasel my way onto the podium just because I’m one of only a few ladies on a Fatbike. People will cheer for you as you grumble up a hill, you will love the sound that the tires make as you prowl around town and how solid you feel rolling over logs, sand, gravel and snow. You too, will forget that you were a failure of an athlete in high school, who can now, win at things…this is the magic of Fatbiking!


And to get fat, you don’t need to get too fancy, the Minnesota 2.0 is not a high end fat-bike, but a solid entry-level starter bike….and the only Women’s Fatbike that is currently on the market. A great value for the price, with solidly spec’d components, cool color combos, and some easy ways to make her lighter if that’s what you’re into. The bike handled a variety of applications very well and I appreciate the adjustments to the geometry to make it lady friendly. I’ve ridden other Fatbikes and I think my quirky jiggly bits and oddly shaped lady limbs were most comfortable and ergonomically correct on this frame. It’s probably the reason it let me win some races. Thank you for letting me plop my lady bits all over that sweet saddle and test the Minnesota 2.0 on all of the different types of terrain and weather that Mother Nature threw at us this fall. I hope to see more of you ladies getting Fat out there with me soon!


  1. It would be nice to know the spec on this bike. Especially to compare to other bikes at this price.

  2. Wish they could have made the stand over a bit shorter. I’m 5’1″ with 29″ inseam and a bit concerned about riding this in snow, with feet sinking on dismount. Any issues there for you?

    • I’m 5’1 and just received a 9zero7. We chose this fat bike due to the sloping tube in a small and it fits perfect. Framed fatty wasn’t available at the time of purchase. I love it!!

  3. Hey, come to the Midnight Sunburn Bike Polo Tournament in July in Anchorage Alaska and we can definitely set up some fatbike exhibition matches

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