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Our long-lost amigo, FatBikeMike, took a shot that’s sure to set your stoke-phaser to FUN! Here’s the story behind this incredible image!

We’ve had a bizarre winter here in Jasper (Jasper National Park, Alberta), snow was late followed by 3 feet of it all at once. Then the big freeze came, -40 for a week! After we dug out our streets and driveways, we got the sled out and groomed up our area to perfection (Hinton Alberta). The temps came back up and the sun slowly melted the snow off all the lakes, they look like they have been ice-shaved with a zamboni. It has been incredible, almost spooky as you can see through the 6 inches ice through to the bottom. If you aren’t careful you can get vertigo!

This is a photo of Mike Langford and myself (Mike Mahoney) along with trusty trail dog (Jekyll-n-) Clyde standing on Talbot Lake in Jasper.


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