Snow Dance Contest!

We’re in the need of some snow in our neck of the woods, so we’re going to crank up the old fat dash bike dot com contest generator and send out an all points bulletin for all of our readers to put together an entry to win a prize package that can only be referred to as fantazmagoric!

snow dance prize

The prize package includes Two Surly Clown Shoe Rims (Limited Edition Bronze Anno) along with, Surly’s Lou Tires (pair) and to keep things interesting, we’ll throw in a Surly Legacy T-Shirt, a PDW Winter Hat and a Surly Hip-Flask.

What do I have to do to Win?

It’s a Snow Dance Contest and it’s multi-media. You could easily put on a pair of snowshoes and videotape your best dance moves, or you could mold 5oo pounds of butter into a sculpture of Samsquanch doing a snow dance. You could just map out the fancy footwork involved in your version of a snow dance or you could create a flow-chart that explains how a snow dance works.

How do I enter this Fabulous Contest?

basic-cha-cha-steps-wSend your entry to us at with ‘snow dance’ in the subject line by January 20th, 2015. We’ll announce the winner on the Weekly Dose of Fat Radio Show on January 23rd. All forms of media that can be emailed are eligible to win. You could enter a photo, write a song/poem/sonnet/limerick or manifesto. You could send us a video of you and 50 of your amigos doing some sort of Michael Jackson choreographed hip-hop/jazz/modern or line – snow dance. Let your imagination run wild, just remember to somehow work snow dance into your entry. We have one prize package to award and our panel of judges will choose the winner based on Black Magic and Unicorn Biorhythms. Our judges decision will be groovy (and final).

Enter at by the contest deadline of January 20th, 2015 – One entry per person.



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