FAT TUESDAY VIDEO! ♦ Pat Smage – Out West Edit

Pat Smage is a Geneva Lakes Homie and a Fatback Ambassador! Oh and did we mention, seven time AMA Moto Trials National Champion! So for Fat Tuesday we’re going to humbley suggest ~  Laissez les bons temps rouler! (and Read what Pat shared about his edit!)

This video showcases my first couple weeks on the Fatback Corvus. I spent some time in Southern California in January riding some of the most fun terrain I have found for a fatbike. The sand, hills, and rocks of SoCal were a blast to shake down the bike and see what I could do on it. The lightweight carbon frame and big tires made for some fun trials inspired lines. I ride a lot of motorcycle trials, and to me, this bike can be ridden similar to that. I tried to tie that style in with some flow and speed to make for an interesting edit.

Having the fatbike opened up a lot of riding areas out there. I had a normal MTB there last year, and really only stuck to the dedicated trails as the skinny tires were not great on the sandy soil of SoCal. The fatbike just ate the soft terrain up, and took everything I threw at it without a problem. Blazing my own trails and riding places people haven’t is half the fun of fatbiking to me.

A bit further to the East, I stopped at a place called Glamis. An OHV heaven, I haven’t seen much for bicycle riding in the area. But with a fatbike I knew it would be a blast. Apart from a bunch of crashes trying to get used to surfing a bike on sand dunes, it was a great time and a day I probably wont forget. I have always wanted to ride down a dune on a bike, and I am thankful I was able to on my Fatback. Overall it was a great way to get used to a new bike, and I had a blast riding and filming for this video. I hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for my next video in the snow!

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  1. Awesome fatbike video. Great rider and great terrain to showcase his abilities and a nice showing on the Fatback Corvus!

  2. Badass. That is one of the best Fatbike videos I have seen so far. Only gonna get better as more and more people get them. Awesome that he is rocking a sweet Alaskan Fatback!!

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