Fat-bike.com’s IceBeard Contest


We’ve been teasing this for a couple of weeks on the Weekly Dose of Fat Radio Show so it should be no surprise that we at Fat-bike.com love contests and we love beards! With the cold upon us in most of the country it is time for an IceBeard Contest!


The good and kind folks that work at Surly provided us with some of their gear and the 1st prize package includes Two Surly Nate 3.8 Ultralight tires plus a Surly T-Shirt and a stylin’ Surly Hip-Flask.


And because Surly has been so generous with their generosity we are going to award the 2nd place IceBeard entrant a pair of Surly Marge Lite Rims in Limited Edition Bronze Anodized goodness. 2nd place feels good, doesn’t it?

What do I have to do to Win?

It’s an IceBeard Contest! Get your beard all icy take a photo of it! Pretty simple. How you make your beard a block of ice is up to you, if it includes a fat-bike so much the better.

How do I enter your IceBeard Contest?

Get that icy beard photo shot and send it to sven@fat-bike.com with ‘IceBeard’ in the subject line by March 31st, 2015. We’ll announce the winner on the Weekly Dose of Fat Radio Show on April 3rd!. All beards are eligible including strap ons for the ladies. Our judges decision are suspect and there may even be the possibility of a bribe but regardless of how we arrive at our determination of the winners, our decisions are final, letze, finale, endanleg etc.

The Rules?

One entry per person. The photos that you send us, might end up on our web-site or the tangled web of social networks that we dabble in. All of the terms and conditions set forth by the usual freestyle rules of beard contests apply. So if you’re in the witness protection program or believe that pictures on the internet, capture your soul, you need not enter, (because you’re already a winner)! All entries should know that their photos will be subject to black magic, voodoo, spectral analysis and crystal power. If you’re allergic to gnomes, frost, fame or become bleary eyed, inflated, exfoliated, shaved, irritated or engorged, please consult your family doctor immediately.

FBR call 818918bike

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  1. if I could only grow such beard in one hour… must apply bacon to face to grow one again.

  2. Well, I’m out. It warmed up here in Illinois and all our snow melted. 🙁

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