First look – MAXX Jagamoasta Rohloff XL

Orange is the new FAT!

I recently received the colorful Jagamoasta from the German based custom bike builders MAXX. This beauty is equipped with 14-speed Rohloff XL hub and carbon drive. 4.8 Schwalbe Jumbo Jim tubeless. Shimano XT breaks and Saint Pedals. Frame and fork made of Superlite Triple Butted” 6000-T6 Aluminium. Ready for Bluto with 150 mm axle.


Out of the box first impressions.
Very high finish on the crazy paint job. Internal cables look dope. Feels light, i´m going to check actual weight at my lbs. Love when the rims are same colour as the frame. The bike was delivered in a huge box, wheels already fitted, just had to twist the bars and fit the pedals and it was ready to ride.


Things I look forward to.
The Rolhoff hub and carbon drive. It´s going to be interesting to see how it performs in cold conditions. The hub is greased with a special low temperature lube.
Tubeless 4.8 Jumbo Jims on 80 mm rims. How will they perform at low pressure?


And last but not the least, will it glow in the dark?
It´s coated with matt fluorescent glow. How cool is that!?


I´ll be hitting the snow trails of Swedish Lapland the following weeks and will be back with a full review. Meanwhile check out MAXX at

Olov Stenlund


  1. Wow! I love the color with matching rims. Some may think an ugly color, but ugly can be cool on a bike. Especially on a Fatbike! I have explored the idea of a Rohloff equipped Fatbike here in Alaska, but no one seems to be certain on how it shifts in the below freezing realm of temperatures. It would be an expensive experiment if it did not.

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