Salsa Anything Cage New vs. Old



Salsa-Anything-Cage-HDThe folks up at Salsa sent Sven one of their new fangled plastic Anything Cages, but he doesn’t own a fork with braze-ons to accept cargo cages, so it fell to me. Come to think of it, Sven is testing one of those sassy Salsa Blackborrow’s that has the appropriately ventilated fork made for such duty, but I guess that doesn’t count. As soon as I saw the new plastic molded Anything Cage, I wanted to run over it with my truck. This thing looks indestructible. But I decided to mount it on my Bike and use it to carry a Wanderlust Monida Insulated Bag that I was testing instead. Way back in the dark ages of fat-biking, I wrote a review of Salsa’s original version of the Anything Cage and have used them for fat-packing trips, here and there. I never had any problems, but other people complained about them breaking under heavy use. I don’t think that’ll be a problem with the new version.

new and old salsa anything cage

The new Anything Cage  is manufactured from injection-molded impact resistant nylon rather than the original’s aluminum and has a slightly lower profile than the original. The strap retention is built right into the molded design. Beefy cross bracing on the backside of the cage lends the newer version a look and feel that is Stealthy, Sturdy and Stout. The functionality is improved because the shape of the cutouts on the cage match the width of the straps. Extra webbing is easily stowed and the load is carried , nice and neat, without to much fussing about.

new salsa anything cage

I like the new design.  The new cage is 149 grams, which is 50 grams heavier than the older aluminum Anything Cage. If it was true that the old version was vulnerable to breaking, it makes sense that the new cage’s heftiness would be worthwhile. I never experienced any problems with the old cages, so I’ll continue to use them till they break.

new salsa anything cage closer

I like the new cage! It does what it sez and it sez what it duzz….or something like that, however don’t run it over with a truck.

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  1. Car Less Ohio March 20, 2015 at 1:02 pm #

    Dang it!

  2. Nate April 2, 2015 at 10:36 am #

    What kind of a bag are you using with the cage? Where can I get one?

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