Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #53 – Tom McDonald Interview


Weekly Dose of Fat –  Show #53 Friday, April 24th 2015 – Tom McDonald Interview

In the studio today it’s Sven and Gomez along with J.K. Livin’!

Surly pioneered the plus sized bike! Check out the true Instigator of fat-bike fun at

On today’s show we have

  • Special Guest Tom McDonald
  • We delve into beards and beer
  • we continue to probe the weekly dose of web footed weasels
  • and (of course) we lay down a thick layer of Links from dem dare interwebz

Beer and Beards



This week’s Beards and Beer is sponsored by Uncle Dicks Bead Slip.

Interview with Tom McDonald

Weekly Dose of Internet Fat

  • Sea Otther chatter
  • Wheel Sizes
  • What’s up in MKE
  • Salsa’s Award

The Framed Best Radio Promo Contest is still going on……does anyone want to win a carbon fatty?


Joe Cruz & Koko

Tom McDonald – Anzo Borrego

South Africa Fat-Bike Guided Beach & Dune Tours

Chumba factory rider Joey Parent shares some tips on how to pack your bags

Pretty Cool Fat-Packing Video

Fat-Bike vs. Trail Bike in the French Alps

The Catalyst Trip – Women’s Fat Bike Revolution

Mark Peterson is April’s Outdoor Gangster of the month!

Dawn Ride to Seacliff

JoBoo is teaching MTB skills to his kids on their fat-bikes.

Thanks again to Surly for sponsoring the radio portion of today’s broadcast.

Join us next week when MTB Hall of Fame legend, Ned Overend, joins us on the show!


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