Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Llanberis Quarry

Our newest Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot and long time amigo, Jeff Price sent us another in long line of killer video’s from the UK. Jeff is awaiting the arrival of a MAXX Haraxdax that he’ll be reviewing for us, after he gets back from holiday with the fam. Here’s what JP had to say about this clip.

After studying the map for local places I hadn’t ridden my bike, I noticed that I had never had the delights of riding around the vast quarry of Llanberis in North Wales. With a 200 year history of slate mining here, the impact it had on the hillside was immense. This quarry once employed 3000 workers making it the second largest slate quarry in Wales, UK.

As I made my way from the top of the hillside at 550 metres to sea level at the lower end of the workings, I was in awe at what it must have been like to work and live there. The obvious caution to me riding a bike there was not to get too close to the edge as the sides of the hill in places looked very precarious. The other hazard I was cautious at was not to catch my Surly Nates on any of the sharp slates. Luckily the ride was incident free as I made my way from level to level with thoughts of Lord of the Rings bizarrely in my mind, hence the theme tune!! I was having strange thoughts of Orcs appearing from the tunnels to add to the atmosphere of this wonderfully historic place. And once again my Mukluk performed impeccably on this ‘new’ type of terrain.

Now where’s that map again……………

Jeff ‘Summittoppler’ Price

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