Foto Gordo ♦ Sea of Grass


When I go riding, I see pictures that I can’t always capture, because I need someone to go out and ride across a sea of grass for the camera. Our hitch rack shootout has gotten me some visitors that have come out to the Colonel Steve Austin Test Bunker over the last couple of weeks to pick up the various racks that we’re testing. This is Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot, Evan Larsson, traversing said, ‘Sea of Grass’ on a ride that I can hit, right from my front door. Most industry folks have no clue about this sort of riding. This is the kind of ride that has parts that would be a real pain in the ass on a regular mountain bike, but was pretty fun on a fat-bike. Do you ride your fatty in the summer?

Have a great weekend of riding, Skinny/Fat/Plus/ Gravel/ Road/ Trials/Trail/Rail-Trail/Park/Bikepack etc!

Felices Caminos, Amigos,

uncle gomez

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