Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #55 – We’re Talkin’ Wheel Sizes


Weekly Dose of Fat –  Show Number 55 – Friday, May 8th 2015

The intro of today’s show was inspired by Orson Wells’ 100th birthday this past Wednesday. Orson was Kenosha born and we’re darn proud of his work. Especially this! –

Gomez is callin’ in from the remote studio while Sven and JK are in the Riverwest Studio.

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On this week’s show

  • Our topic of today’s show is all of the new wheel standards and should we drink the Kool-Aid yet?
  • We delve into  beer
  • Weekly Dose of Fat with news from the test lab
  • Links from the interwebz


Gomez is working with Delirium Tremens!

This week’s Beer buzz is sponsored by Uncle Dicks Bead Slip.

Call-in Guests Weigh In in Wheel Sizes

Weekly Dose of Internet Fat

  • Local chatter
  • 29+ Dirt Wizard First Imressions
  • Fitting up some Dillinger 5s to a pair of Northpaw 47mm rims
  • For all you folks that can use such things, our friends at Paul Component Engineering have a very Limited Edition 197 x 12 hub with SRAM XD Driver that they just posted on their site:


Fat-Biking in Italy Searching for the Cold Vein with Montanus

Guitar Ted on B+

The SandBox ShowDown date has been set 11.15.15 in Tucson.

Heading out the the desert with the Fatbike Brigade

From the CoastKid

Checking in with JoBoo


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So long!


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