Product Spotlight – Vittoria Bomboloni 26 x 4

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Our friends at Vittoria Tire found us a set of Bomboloni 26 x 4’s’ah, to put through our tire testing regiment. Sven and I saw these bad boys, back at Sea Otter and we’ve been waiting to get our hands on them, ever since! Our test tire’s casing measured 96mm wide, when mounted to 65mm Marge Lites, with the outer knobs extending 3mm’s beyond the casing. (102mm tread to tread). Those edge knobs are gonna be $ in the corners.


The tread is super-siped and the center knobs stepped, with low center knobs and aggressive taller knobs at the shoulders. Before we mounted up our set of tires, we noticed that the inside of each tire is meticulously finished in a stippled pattern. (photo below). This is the nicest tire lining of any of the fat-bike tires that we’ve ever tested!

vittoria bombolini 26 x 4 tire inside casing

We weighed both tires and they came in at 1420 and 1424g each. When we laid the tire out flat, the tread measures 113mm wide and the bead to bead measurement was 220 mm.

Bombolini (L) and H-Billy (R) mounted on 65mm Marge Lite Rims

Bomboloni (L) and Vee H-Billy (R) mounted on 65mm Marge Lite Rims

Our set of Bomboloni are going to get tested on one of my favorite singletrack trail systems in Wisconsin (Levis Trow) by our gnome-fest cousin, Steve. Stay tuned to fat dash bike dot com for his thoughts about this brand new set of sneakers! Primo Steve’s report should be available in about a month or so… or minus seven to ten days, dependent on weather and if the crick don’t rise and wash out the internets. Till then….ride and smile amigos!   ~gomez~

For more information about all of Vittoria’s tires visit –


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2 Responses to Product Spotlight – Vittoria Bomboloni 26 x 4

  1. Zachary Brown June 25, 2015 at 6:09 pm #

    Look like that could be a killer tire for most conditions. I am excited to see what other studded tires come out this fall. I love my d5’s but new stuff is kool!!

  2. Wade June 26, 2015 at 2:22 am #

    Those look far better in that the treat zone wraps further than the Vee’s, thus offering more protection to the sidewalls. The overall quality looks to be superior to many other options too…

    Thanx guys, now my bike wants a pair!

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