Fat-Tribe Thursday July 2nd 2015

Fat-Tribe Thursday is back to support the age old, adage that one picture says a thousand words! All of you have been so awesome with sharing your photos and fat-bike fun, we decided it was ‘high time’ that we post some of them to show the entire world wide, fat-bike tribe! If you’re new to fat-bikes, please take note of the ‘fat-bike grin’ on everyone’s face. That’s the one thing that we have to warn you about……your face might get sore from smiling so much…..and it doesn’t ever really go away. (at least I hope not!)

Hector Perez Torres - Puerto Rico

Up first is Hector Perez Torres from sunny Puerto Rico!

Thomas Muller Thuringia in Germany

Next we’re going to hop on over to Thuringia in Germany and show off Thomas Müller ‘s  Fatcurve 6.10 by Haibike

Marcus Steele Niagra FallsOur amigo Marcus Steele took the whole family on vacation to visit Niagara Falls!

Douglas Speck - Brazil

Then we head south….as in South America! Douglas Speck and a KHS in Brazil!

Curly Su Orange County NY

and our last photo for today’s episode of Fat-Tribe Thursday takes us back to Orange County New York with a shot from Curly Su!

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