Fat (video) Tuesday – Scottish Summer

Our video this week is from our long time friend from Scotland, Bruce Mathieson! Bruce took his Pugsley out for a bit of a spin, but we’ll let him tell you about it in his own words.

Hey Gomez, hope you are well and having a good summer! Here is a wee film you may want to post on your Fat (video) Tuesday page. I shot in my local woods after a days heavy rain- yeah its summer in Scotland! As the Scottish comedian Billy Connaly says; ` If you don`t like Scottish weather just hang on 10 minutes`

Send us your Fat Pixels

You don’t have to be some place exotic to collect dramatic pixels of fat-bike adventure. Adventure can happen almost anywhere. Please consider this your engraved invitation to share your adventures with the world wide fat-bike tribe. Just send them off to your uncle gomez@fat-bike.com.

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