Saddle Drive 2015 – Part Deux

It was another picture perfect day here in the ‘tah of Ute’ for Saddledrive 2015! You can parlay a gander at the pixels that I herded onto the site, yesterday, in a post called ‘Saddle Drive 2015 – Part One‘. All you have to do is click here. So here we are in Part Deux of our cowboy adventure……..Come to think of it….Saddledrive, is Chapter 4 of my Western Field Trip, series of stories (split into two parts) that will publish before Chapter 2. This journey is starting to feel like a Quentin Tarantino film….but any way, Back in Chapter 4 – Part One of our Saddledrive coverage, I promised a picture of a drop bar 29+ bike, but first….let’s take a look at what was available to ride, at the Surly demo tent.


The Ice Cream Truck


The Ice Cream Truck – With the Black-Ops Rally Package



Krampus Ops

The Krampus Black Ops Version


The Twenty-Six Plus Instigator has so much JuJu it almost ate the sticker completely off of its down tube.

Pugsley lounge

Notably…..Surly didn’t have any Pugsleys or Moonlanders for folks to demo. I did find this fine specimen of the Pugley Special Ops in the lounge, all alone and looking fine!

deadwood XT 29 plus drop bar

And then our last slide is the promised photo of Salsa’s new, drop-bar, 29+ called the Deadwood. In my previous SD post I groused about the names of some of the new bikes and tires, but Deadwood is a great name! It makes me think of the HBO Series of the same name. (That show puts on a clinic for the artful and correct use of profanity).

That’s all from this stop on my Western Field Trip. I collected some soundbites from Saddledrive that will air on our fat-bike radio show #64, so be sure to check that out. I think my next stop is going to be Durango!

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  1. Zachary Brown July 24, 2015 at 1:14 am #

    I think the salsa deadwood would be better than the bonecrusher in camp. Likely won’t kill any kids either if I remember correct. It is a fact that Deadwood had the best swearing skills writers to ever lay a script down. Always rumors of a movie or something to finish it up. Maybe Jon Snow will show up and help “WU voice” SWEGEN take his town back.

    So is Surly waiting till interbike to drop anything new? I know you can’t say likely.

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