The New 2016 Kona Wo

Hey Sven did you see the new Buicks Konas are in….down at the dealership?


Looks like the color for fat-bikes this year is blue. Kona calls this Gloss Heavy Metal Cyan. That’s some long ass name for blue. They corrected the only thing we saw as a small flaw from last year’s British Racing Green Wo, which was Bluto compatibility. They spec’d this year’s Wo with a 150mm – 15mm thru axle front wheel and changed over to a tapered head tube so switching over to a Bluto is an available option on this year’s Wo.


It’s a pretty nice spec. We’re starting to see lots of Schwalbe Jumbo Jims as OE tires on bikes these days along with the Sun Mulefut Rims. Word on the street, up here at Saddledrive, is that the Jumbo Jim’s are great trail tires, but are the ‘proverial weak sauce’ on snow. Kona rounds out the build with a Raceface crank and a Shimano Deore rally package, all for an MSRP of $2,099 USD.


You can check out all the specs and the angle of the dangle at


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