Fat & Single – The Fat-Bikes of SSUSA

Last weekend, I sidled my way into an invitation to this year’s edition of Singlespeed USA (SSUSA) up at one of my favorite trail systems, Levis-Trow. It wasn’t too hard to do, since our amigos and gnome-fest cousins, Brett, Spinner & Chewey were running the show. It was a perfect opportunity to hang out with Julio, Gnorme and Angry Andy to Camp, Ride & Party. The first thing that I should do is confess that I’m a total singlespeed poseur, these days. My singlespeed days are primarily in my past, but maybe I’ll get back into the kind of condition that it takes to enjoy riding a one speed again one day – who knows? Nobody seemed to care that I didn’t ride a singlespeed, after all, I wasn’t there to race. I was there to just hang out and chill with mis amigos!

I did try to collect all of the fat and single bikes that I could find, so I could share them here on the site. So without further adieu, here are some shots that journal the fat-bikes of SSUSA 2015.


This bike haunts my dreams! Curtis Inglis’s NAHBS Bike from a few years back, when the show was in Indianapolis. The Nate Gumwalls lend a nice retro touch!



A pair of Blackboros. One in each of last year’s colors.


A Fat-Bike Valentine! Travis’ Black Ops Pugsley!


Jules (from Surly), Chewey and Spinner (astride an Oddity Custom Fat). Brett (not pictured) Spinner and Chewey were the hosts for SSUSA.


The last aid station on the 26 mile course had Trevor on Ice and a ~jump?


Angry Andy was ready for anything.


Andy rode an almost stock Singlespeed Pug / Rocket Launcher. He thinks he came in around 30th place, so we gave him a one bottle rocket salute!


My old friend Gnorme rode a black and white pugsley at SSUSA


Julio Dot Com had his Schlick Northpaw looking good with a fresh layer of powdercoat.


One more shot of the Oddity with a lovey young lady aboard. I got to take this bike out for a test spin. Burnsey makes one hell of a bike!

I hope you enjoyed looking at a small slice of what went down at SSUSA 2015. Even though I got stung by a wasp and locked my keys in my car, I still managed to get in some great riding and got to spend time with my buds.  It was a really swell weekend! Next year, SSUSA is moving to Pennsylvania! Cheers to you all, amigos!


PS – Dustin Marsh sent us a shot of Goldilocks (above right) from SSUSA

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