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The moment that I saw the very first Moonmen Fat-Bike, I knew that I wanted to take one for a ride! I got to meet the cats from MM at this year’s NAHBS down in Lousville and discovered that one of the five inch fatties that was in their booth was built for our amigo Charlie the Unicorn. Charlie saw my post, where I shared my desire to test ride his bike and let me know that he would be cool with letting me ride it, as soon as our paths crossed again.

Charlie the UnicornOn the day before this year’s SSUSA up at Levis, Julio spyed a rack with both a Black Sheep and a Moonmen, parked at the chalet and mentioned it, so I could grab some photos. That rack turned out to belong to my bud – the Unicorn! We layed the best plan by having no plan at all, which led to another, in a long line of amazing opportunities. This time around, I got to experience a really nice trail ride on Moonmen #09. As I’ve often said before…I feel very fortunate and and very gratefull for these opportunities, but this one felt even more special, because it came from a cool cat like the Unicorn and on such a special machine, like M09! I bet you’re all wondering why we call Charlie the Unicorn. That’s a picture of Charlie, Tebowing, before the SSUSA start (left). I guess that answers that question! Let’s take a further look at this handmade beauty, shall we?

Moonmen m09 headbadge

This bike has lot’s of really cool features and some pretty unique geometry! The custom Jen Green Headbadge features a unicorn in orbit around the moon. One of the first things that I saw from Moonmen was their Moonriser Handlebar and when you add the BMX pad…the thing, just screams MOTO!

Moonmen m09etchedlogo

The first thing I did was head out onto the SSUSA race course and hit up some of my favorite trails at Levis. I sort of know my way around there from years of gnome hunting. I didn’t really take the time to check the air pressure, but Bud and Lou were pretty dialed for cushy trail crawling. The trails were just a little saucy from some rain that had fell earlier in the day, but M09 took it in stride. I remember thinking to myself, I must have the biggest grin on my face right now, because this thing was an absolute blast to ride on the twisty Levis singletrack!

Moonmen m09nextie

Industry Nine Hubs laced to Nextie Carbon rims, along with a matching (purple anno) King headset keep things rolling in style! M09 also features  a raceface Next SL Carbon crank. The kind of build that a bike, like this, deserves!

Moonmen m09twintt

The twin top tube and a Brooks Cambium saddle are also quite pleasing to the eye. The M09 isn’t just pretty…..this thing is a BLAST to to ride. The Unicorn had his Moonmen made with incredibly short chainstays (418mm) coupled with a 67 degree seat tube and a 69 degree head tube. That makes it a total rock crawling machine! On climbs, I could feel the front end wanting to lift a little, but on flowy descents, I was hoot’n with delight!

moonman wheelie at ssusa.jpg1

Those extra-wide moto bars put the rider’s hands in the optimal (braapp!) position to roar down twisty trails! This is how well the M09 wheelies. Even an old fat guy can make it wheelie! (though I did scream like a little girl). Julio captured, the shot above, mid scream!

Moonmen m09 hammock

I had such a good ride, that I didn’t really want to return this one, so soon, but that’s the was she goes sometimes. Thanks again to Charlie for letting me take his incredible machine for a spin! If you ever get a chance to ride a Moonmen, you should jump at the chance!


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  1. White Mike August 28, 2015 at 11:31 am #

    Beautiful bike. M23 has my name all over it.

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