Hills and Beaches

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By Jeff Price


My local favourite loop this one. There’s nothing better than leaving the house in the early evening, riding some of the hills and dropping down onto the beach for the last few miles home.


This ride takes me along the causeway to the medieval town of Conwy and up into the hills beyond.


Some sweet singletrack which has been trodden by the Welsh sheep make this a great section as I can change the route every week.


The turn around point is the old slate mine on one of the hills which gives you some great views down to the coast.


After some singletrack overlooking the coast, it was clear to see the tide wasn’t out far enough to make it around one of the headlands.


So a pint is called for midway through the ride!!


Then as the early summer sun sets on my back, I have the whole beach to myself.


Editor’s Note :  We asked all of our Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots to put together a little photo essay about what they’re up to these ‘dog days’ of summer. Jeff is one of our ‘up and coming’ test pilots. He lives in Wales over in the UK.  Jeff just finished testing the Dual Suspension, Maxx Huraxdax, fat-bike and is currently testing a Maskinen Prodigy R1 for www.plusbikes.com. ~gomez~

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