New! 2016 S-Works Fatboy

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Specialized Bicycle will be offering their Fatboy in three Carbon Framed Levels and five different M4 Aluminum Framed Levels as well as a twenty and twenty-four inch youth versions for 2016. In this post, we’re just going to share the S-Works Fatboy. We’ve ridden and tested both previous model years of the fatboy and were quite impressed. We can’t wait to get our hands on the new S-Works Fatboy and take it for a spin. The S-Works Fatboy is 24 pounds right off the showroom floor. Todd from Specialized, told me that his personal S-W Fatboy is down around the nineteen and a quarter pound mark, set up tubeless with a set of Magura MT8 brakes swapped out for the stock Sram Guide brake set. We’re pretty psyched that the sub twenty pound fat-bike is a reality!

S-Works Fatboy


s-works fatboy spec

For more information about the Specialized Fatboy visit – or your local Specialized dealer.

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  1. Frickin sweet, off the shelf and less than 25 pounds. Now if I only had $10,000 to spend on a bike I would be set. Any word on the sticker shock this is going to run at? Love my Fat Boy but the hubs and breaks suck. I toasted the rear hub within 6 months and the breaks squack like an old hen wet or dry. I did get the rear hub replaced at no charge. I bought last years base model figuring I would upgrade as parts break. The DT Swiss Big Ride hubs sound interesting but guess I am hosed as my axels are QR and not thru axel???

    • The DT hubs comes with 12mm endcaps as standard, but you can easily swap them out with a set for 9mm(sparepart that suits the 135x9mm hubs). I’m making my DT hubs to be a 190x10mm through axel. Switched out the 12mm to a set of 10mm now, and getting someone to make me a 10mm axel (not qr though) as I can’t find someone who makes this today.

  2. What’s up with the Fast Trak Control 4″ tire? Is this tire billed as a four season tire? I really like the 4.6″ Ground Control my bike came with, I still swap out to my studded Dillinger 5’s for winter. Being in Alaska I found there is no substitute for studs in the winter. I studded up when the snow hit, the wife opted to ride the GC’s all winter. She wrecked a lot and I didn’t.

  3. According to my LBS, the MSRP is $7499 for the S-works, with the Carbon Expert at $5999 and the Carbon Comp at $3199.

    You can run DT Swiss hubs on your Fatboy, you just need a QR adaptor.

    The 4″ tires are a lighter faster rolling version of the GC. My LBS checked with Specialized and the Carbon Fatboys are designed with the same 4.8″ tire clearance as the alloy framed models.

    • Correction you could use the rear DT hub, but the front will only work with a 150 thru axle, like on a Bluto.

  4. thud – your local DT Swiss people should be able to get you QR end caps. The Big Ride hub is based on the regular old DT Swiss 350/240.

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