Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #67 – Special Guest Nick Frey From Boo Bicycles


Arboreal Pugslys – Photo by Evan LarSSon

Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 67 – Friday, August 14th, 2015

Sven, Gomez and JK are joined in the studio by musical guest, Uncle Dick!

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On this week’s show:

  • We will be taking call in guests all show to ask the question
    What’s your favorite aspect of fat-adventure-mountain-biking?
  • We have this week’s Special Guest Nick Frey from Boo Bicycles
  • We reveal next week’s Kung Fu Call-in question
  • We’ll talk fat-bike and Plus Bike news in the Fatty Farm Field Report
  • And, as always, we’ve got fat and plus sized Links


Special Guest – Nick Frey, Founder of Boo Bicycles!

For more information about Boo or to check out the Boo Bus Demo schedule visit – http://boobicycles.com/

Next week’s call-in question is…If you could do one major upgrade to your current fat-bike, what would it be?

Call in next week Wednesday from 8-9PM CDST to 818-918-2453 and let’s discuss.

Fatty Farm Field Report

This week’s Fatty Farm Field Report is sponsored by Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip check them out at http://uncledicksbikeshop.com.

During Gomez’s Field Trip out West, he visited Borealis and recorded a little spot with Steve. Check it!

Revisit last week’s question and talk about the results

Nick from Ride Alongside won last week’s contest.

Nick’s prize package included items from Surly, Borealis, Advocate Cycles as well as assorted stickers, writing instruments and such. Congrats there, Nick!

Our Guest from last week’s show, Ron Stawicki, (along with the Waukesha Bicycle Alliance and Waukesha County Parks) is hosting a WORS race at the Minooka Trails in Wakesha County (west of MKE) at he’s got a FAT-BIKE Open class race set up for 11:30 am. The race is on Sunday August 16th 2015. (this weekend!) Jose will be serving tacos and the Ronsta told us that he’d have Blatz & a cowbell ready for fat-bikers that show up to race, heckle or cheer. Visit – for all of the details and directions – http://wors.org/schedule/coffee-bean/

Fat-bike Links

Olov upgrades to Shimano XT 11-speed for his Mukluk

Beach Riding in Germany

Fat Bike Touring in Brazil

Toni Lund is back with a last chance of summer

Moonlander Beach Therapy

3” Fat-bikes?

PlusBikes Links

Coast Kid Updates

Andy from Fat Camp Shares his Quiring – Judas Ghost

McColgan Checks in with some Moonlit Gravel

Specialized FSR

Thanks again to Surly for sponsoring the radio portion of today’s broadcast.

Be sure to check out the new web-site Plus Bikes dot com

Join us next week where the question of the week is If you could do one major upgrade to your current fat-bike, what would it be?

Say, Bye!

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