Fat-bike News from the Show Floor Day 1 – Interbike 2015


For Day 3 the interbike circus moved indoors at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Sven and Gomez bounced around the show floor putting in miles and miles of walking and hours and hours of talking to bring you these here images and words about what we saw.

A lot of what we saw in the fat and plus bike worlds are being shown to dealers for the 2016 season. Many are not even full production units or spec. Pricing, if given, may change by the time these bikes hit the market. This is more like a crystal ball that will show you a future that might become rather than an exact rundown of what will be.

Your crack fat-bike.com correspondents already have commitments from many manufacturers to test production products as soon as they are available. So, if you don’t get all the info right here, relax! We will get there when production bikes arrive on our doorsteps!

HED Cycling was showing a couple of new 24-inch fat-bike rims! Why you ask? Well, take a look at the bike below. Erik Noren from Peacock Groove whipped up this fantastic bike for smaller riders who want a more proportional ride for their small stature. Erik is planning to offer the 24-inch fat-bikes in 11, 13, 15 and 17-inch sizes so that shorter riders can get in on the fat-bike fun through a new company called Cake Bikes. Look for both the rims and the bikes to be available in early 2016.

Looking for a 150mm Dyno front hub for your fat-bike? Check out the SP Dynamo Hub at Cycle Monkey! They should be available in a few weeks.

Dusty from Revelate Designs in Anchorage, AK showed an innovative winter hydration system that addresses a lot of areas of concern for endurance riders and racers who brave sub-zero conditions. Look for them later this winter.

Revelate also works with bike manufacturers to make custom bags for their rides. Check out this decked out Jones 29-plus. This poagies on the stool are custom fit for the Jones Loop bar. Very cool!

Reynolds Cycling was showing these carbon 27-plus wheels. Full zoot! And, if I remember correctly, a $2600 tag. You’ve got a bit of a wait but you can learn more about all the Reynolds wheels o their site.

Paul Price from Paul Component Engineering had this array of thru axle skewers that have a “set it and forget it” lever. Pretty much every size out there. Paul is tightening up the designs so hang tight and look for availability later this winter.

Yep, this is a Plus Bike from Moots with the YBB rear suspension! 27-plus to be exact. Moots will be taking pre-orders later this fall. Sven is drooling and may have to sell a kidney to get one of these beauties. BTW, look over there at plusbikes.com for more plus bike at interbike coverage coming up.

Fyxation‘s Blackhawk is getting a new SRAM GX1 drivetrain option this year and the crew have been rocking 29-plus wheelsets lately for some rowdy summer fun. Rest assured that when winter comes back the 4.8″ fat-bike tires will be back on for the boys!

Coast Cycles from Singapore was showing some really fun looking fat-bikes from the Ruckus above and the Juggernaut below to more traditional fat-bikes. We are hoping to see these in the US very soon. I’d love to blast around town on the Juggernaut below and the Ruckus above can accept an Electric Motor conversion! These are not kids bikes but fun machines designed for adults. Take a look at that Gates Belt Drive on the Juggernaut. Tell them you saw it on fat-bike.com!

Portland Design Works showed a prototype of a new rear rack that is designed to hold a dry bag. The compression straps put the weight of the load on the seat rails as well as the rack. Still some tweaks on this one. Want something you can buy now? Take a peek at the Bird Cage (shown below) and the Owl Cage.

Sarma Bikes was showing their new Vortex fat-bike. Dimity wasn’t able to make the show but we will round up more info about this new model in the Sarma line soon!

Here is the Philly from Blue. At $1259 it is a good candidate for those looking to get into a fat-bike for the first time.

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