Fat-bikes on the Show Floor at Interbike 2015 – Day 4


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We saved some of the best square footage, for our last photo post from interbike 2015. Sven is going to continue to churn out videos from the event, but these are the pixels from our 4th and last day at Interbike. Remember, folks, specs and pricing may change before these bikes hit the showroom floor of your local bike shop!


The Borealis Crestone ranks very high on our list of new fat-bikes coming out this year. We really look forward to testing the Crestone along with, a set of their new Elite Carbon Wheels that Borealis and Reynolds announced just before Interbike.

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KHS has their full line of 4 seasons fatties returning this year with price points for just about any budget.


Bar Mitts  created a winter water bottle cage cover made from neoprene. You can’t see it in the photo, but there’s a water bottle cage inside the Neoprene cover. The cover is large enough to fit a chemical hand warmer inside (below the cage) to help keep water from freezing. We’ll be testing a pair of these out this winter.

Vittoria showed an new fat-bike rim that is in the 70mm range. We hope to see it in the first part of 2016. We will have more info on this soon as well as a new tire offering that may keep up the tradition of being named after an Italian pastry!

Borealis has notched a deal to supply Lauf’s Carbonara fat-bike fork as an offering to compliment the Borealis Carbon fork and the Bluto that they offer as well. The Lauf is shown here on a new Crestone Carbon fat-bike.

If you are looking for Grip Studs this year availability will be much improved so you can stud your own fat-bike tires as well as your winter riding shoes!

RSD Bikes has a revamped line with some great models and this brand new carbon fork that will be an option on complete bikes as well as an aftermarket offering. Look for it to run about $395.00 when it becomes available towards the end of the year.

The RSD Mayor has been updated for 2016 and looks like a winner!

All of RSD’s bikes will be available in Titanium! Here is the Mayor in the magic grey metal.

This is the special electric fat-bike with side car that Specialized did for Rallycross and Gymkana driver Ken Block.

Let’s hope Marzocchi keeps on keeping’ on because this 27-plus fork is something we what to ride!

Fatback’s new carbon Skookum is aiming towards the all-season fat-biker who is looking for a more trail tuned geometry. Chain slap, chain suck and downtube protection are all nicely integrated.

Fatback’s Carbon Footprint is a 77mm rim available in a variety of complete wheelsets with hubs to match most modern fat-bikes.

Framed Wolftrax line will be available at bikes dealers soon. This one was in the Lauf booth sporting a Cabonara fork.

Small, fat wheels and tires. Made for adult goofing off!

Pivot’s Swinger dropout allows different configurations for different wheel sizes. 4″ and 5″ fat and 27 and 29-plus.

Charge’s Cooker line includes 27-plus and fat-bike models as well as smaller wheeled fat-bike coming later this year.

Norco continues to refine their fat-bike offerings and will get into 24″-sized fat-bikes as well for people of small stature as well as lucky kids.

Hollywood Racks TrailRider hitch rack has a sweet retail at $199.99 with the fat-bike trays an available option at about $50.00 per bike.

We saw the PK Fat Ripper from SE Bikes on the show floor. Wish we could have seen it outdoors. This thing is high on our list of new bikes we want to ride. $849.00 retail!

Blackburn is getting serious about backpacking gear with a seatpack, frame bag, handlebar bag and cargo cage. Lash it on and go for a ride!

Zen Snowpack on a Yakima rack.

State Bicycles is upgrading spec on the Megalith and will have new colors later this year.

Fat Ass Bikes showed an open-mold carbon bike that is available in just about any color combo you can imagine. Gomez is keen on the Black and White motif.

Rocky Mountain showed some new graphics. Didn’t get much more on this one but we will fill you in when we know more.

Van Dessel showed this fat-bike that looks like a few others we’ve seen out there.

The Tykes Bykes Fat Byke 20 is a 20″ fat-bike for kids 7+. Inseam as short as 22″ should fit a lot of budding fat-bikers.

Framed’s WolfTrax line is also getting into the 24″ fat-bike space and while older kids can fit this aluminum fat-bike it is also designed for smaller adults who can benefit from the more proportional sizing.

Not your Uncle Nigel’s 3-speed, Raleigh steps into fat-bikes with a well specced bike above at $1499.00 and an entry level bike at $849.99 below.

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